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How to Write an Essay on Any Topic

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An essay is probably one of the most difficult written works in school. After all, when preparing it, students need to show their creative and intellectual abilities. In addition, one or two lessons are given to create a masterpiece of writing. We think the language teacher has explained to you more than once how to write an essay expression. But many nuances are forgotten, so we have prepared a plan, according to which you can easily write a text on any topic. But if you need to do it quickly or don’t have enough time, use college essay writing service.

What Is An Essay Expression?

In the word “essay” itself lies the essence. That is, the student must compose a text on a certain topic. When writing an essay description, you should include the inner Paustovsky and colorfully describe an object, condition, or landscape. Narrative essay – be prepared to create a mini-story from the category of “How I spent my summer.” If it’s an essay expression, try to imagine yourself as a journalist proving your point.

How To Write An Essay Expression

The teacher offers a thesis (sentence) for reflection. You have to agree with him (or not) and defend your position. It is necessary to prove a point of view according to a certain scheme (structure of the text):

  1. The introduction = the thesis, the main idea to be proved.
  2. Main part = proof of the thesis (arguments).
  3. Conclusion = summarize the above.

If you’re writing an essay expression on a work, follow this flowchart (see infographic):

The Introduction To The Essay Explanation

This is the starting point of your reasoning. You can talk about the relevance of the topic, its importance to society. If appropriate, make an excursion to history, give examples from books, journals, scientific research, look into the work of the author of the work, and so on. In general, make it clear whether you agree with the thesis on which you are writing the essay, and prepare the ground for arguments in the main part.

The Main Part Of The Essay Expression

In this part, you need to prove your point of view, convince the reader of the correctness of your judgments. Here don’t be shy (but don’t overdo it either) to use introductory words and word combinations: let’s say, for example, first, second, since, therefore, because, after all, and so on. You can connect sentences with the help of constructions: “Suffice it to give this example…”, “The fact that…”, “Suppose…”, “But if you look from the other side…”, “According to statistics…” and similar. Use personal experience, examples from literature and life, statistical data, the opinion of authoritative persons, and so on for proof. The main part of the essay should be ⅔ of the whole volume of the paper.


In the conclusion, you need to summarize all of your reasoning in a nice, clean way. Explain how important the topic raised is to society or why people should pay attention to it. Describe your impressions of the work, quote, or topic in two to five sentences.

We hope you’ve figured out how to write an essay and prove your point. Don’t be afraid to look up examples on the Internet. But you shouldn’t cheat completely. As an adult and a future professional, you need the skill to defend your opinion, the ability to think logically and creatively, and the ability to speak persuasively. Practice more, and you will succeed!

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