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How to Write a Motivational Letter: Top Ideas for Writing

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A motivation letter is a part of an application to a college or university. An admission committee asks students to write motivation letters to see why they want to apply, what they wish to achieve, and what they can offer to the educational establishment. This paper helps the committee to see motivated and inspired students who are ready to contribute to the college or university.

Being a part of an application, motivation letters are sometimes called a “statement of purpose” or a “motivational letter”. Yet, the meaning of these projects is the same. The main purpose of writing a motivation letter is to show your inner vision and considerations regarding your place in the educational establishment. The admission officers want to see what you expect to learn. At the same time, they also aim to understand how you can contribute to the educational and social life of the community.

A motivational letter is usually a one-page paper that explains why the committee should pay attention to you and accept your application. Your argumentation should be strong. You need to remember that many students like you wish to enter the educational establishment, and the committee will choose the most motivated one. Be sincere in your motivation letter. Do not try to impress the committee but try to fairly answer the question of what you can give to the college, and you will see how your paper will become a top among others.

If this is your first attempt and you do not know how to write a motivational letter, you may use online letter writing services. Custom writing companies are ready to assist you and deliver the original top-quality paper. Otherwise, you may check the recommendations below. We hope they will help you write your ideal statement of purpose.

Top 4 Tips for Writing

Just Start

One of the main problems you may experience while writing your motivation letter is what to start with. When you sit down with the idea of how to begin writing, you may have no thoughts. Many students face the same problem: they have so much to say, but they do not know what to write at the beginning of the letter to catch the attention of admissions officers.

The main rule of writing a motivation letter is just to start. You need to begin with something. Make a list of the reasons why you want to apply to the particular university. What attracts you there? Is it the profession or a community? Is this a staff or teaching methodology? You have to explain what attracts you to this educational establishment specifically. Although the profession is important, the application committee wants to know why you have selected a particular college/ university.

After you have a list of reasons, you may develop paragraphs. Your application paper should grab attention. No one will read boring papers. You should list your achievements, your skills, and qualifications. When you introduce yourself, you need to point to the strongest sides of your character. You have the major basic skills students have, so you need to focus on the aspects that make you unique and differentiate you from other applicants.

Personalize Your Paper

Tell your story. You have to describe a real event from your life to ensure that your paper is personal. An admission committee likes such writing pieces because they let them learn about you as a person. When you list your qualifications and skills, you give some basic information about your competence. Yet, the committee wants to know what kind of person you are. You cannot tell your whole life in a one-page article. Still, you can share one story that has helped you become the person you are now.

You may speak about your interests and describe some exciting situation that has happened related to your hobby. You may talk about your family and their role in the formation of your personality. You may refer to your teachers and/ or peers who have contributed to the development of your particular feature.

Remember that each story should have a beginning and a logical ending. We know that you may speak endlessly about your life events, but you need to stay focused and concise. Each personal story should not shift to another one without an ending. Be logical and still keep your distance. Many personal stories should remain a secret.

Edit and Proofread

When you have written your paper, return to it in a day and edit it. If you think that some ideas are not good enough, simply remove them. Do not regret the time spent on their writing. You have to understand that each idea you have written and further removed makes your paper better. You cannot produce a perfect motivation letter from the first attempt. You note some ideas, and after you read them, you may notice that they are not good enough. You will remove them to include other more interesting facts.

Each new sentence is an improvement of previous writing. Thus, when you edit the paper, you make it better by trying to create a perfect piece. Students often want to use some complex phrases and constructions when writing their papers for the first time. Yet, when you edit your letter, you may see that simple sentences sound better, and this is a good choice.

Proofreading is another important stage of writing a motivational letter for a university. Your paper may be perfect and interesting in terms of content, but if it has many grammar and stylistic errors, no one will read it. You have to follow standard academic English rules when writing your paper.

Show What You Know and How You Can Apply This Knowledge

There are many strategies for writing motivation letters. You may choose any you consider appropriate and interesting. The reference to your strong sides and their application in the college or university is one of the approaches.

List what you know, define why to consider this information as your strong sides, and further explain how you are going to apply this knowledge while learning in the educational establishment. Remember that you have to tell a story making the ties logical and interesting to read. Do not simply enumerate what you know and how you will use this information.

Each application is a life. One person will continue education, and another one will not. If you wish to be the one who will become a student of the college or university, you need to be passionate about your abilities. At the same time, you need to remain realistic. Do not exaggerate your skills, and do not imagine anything. Write the truth, and you will be rewarded.


The article above may create an impression that motivation letters are written for colleges and universities only. However, many companies also require writing motivation letters to understand why a person deserves the position. Thus, this type of paper is important, and the faster you learn how to write a motivational letter, the faster you will find a job. Take a chance to share your story with the committee and open your heart to the world. You deserve this position in a college/ university or a company. You just have to think about why and ensure that your motivation is understandable to the reader.

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