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How to Video Improves your Sales and SEO

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Digital marketing is made easier by video. It is engaging and converts customers more than any other media.

Video’s power doesn’t end there. Today, we will be discussing how video can help you increase your sales and search engine optimization (SEO).

How to Video Improves your Sales and SEO

1. Social shares and link building

Videos can be a powerful tool for generating links to your site if done correctly. A solid PR strategy is essential to generate a lot of links, especially when you use videos.

A viral video can be created in a world that is filled with funny, inspiring, and inspirational news.

This will bring you many links from major websites and blogs are twice as likely to share video content with friends than any other media.

However, if your video’s goal is to become viral, it might not be possible. Although there is no magic formula to viral content creation, the key ingredient is often the right place at just the right moment.

Don’t be discouraged, making quality videos can still lead to social shares and links, even though the audience is smaller.

A minimum of 10 links from relevant websites is better than 100 from random blogs.

2. Traffic generation

Video is a traffic-generating tool. Traffic to your site is the result of more shares and links.

A YouTube video or any other social media channel will make people more likely to visit your site than any other content. In 2020, 87% of marketers will directly attribute their increased website traffic to the video.

Your website will be more visible in search engines if you have more visitors. Your SEO will be boosted if you have more video content.

3. Increase bounce rate and site time

Your SEO is influenced by bounce rate and time on site. Today, visitors have only seconds to impress you when they land on your site. If you fail to impress them, they will leave your site.

This is called your bounce rate. It’s the percentage that visitors leave as soon after they start.

You can increase your bounce rate by grabbing visitors’ attention as soon your page loads. Websites should be beautiful and rich in media. Simple text is no longer sufficient.

A video placed prominently on your website will encourage visitors to view it before continuing to your site.

Video’s goal is to get visitors’ attention. Once you get their attention, you can increase their time on your site.

Your visitors will be able to watch more videos and engage with you if you have more. Which site has the longest average time? Netflix or Wikipedia? Let me rest my case.

4. Increase conversation

Video and SEO are useless if visitors don’t convert to customers.

If you only take one thing away from this post, it is this: are twice as likely than to purchase a product or service after viewing a video.

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