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How To Prevent Yourself From Disease – Tips For Students

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The global pandemic made people more aware. More awareness of their habits and how these impact their health. Even though until now students were not so focused on their health and caring for it, the pandemic changed this.

The danger of a new disease is always there, as overpopulation and unhealthy eating habits are growing. Not living in communion with nature leads to diseases too. So, to protect your health, you can adopt some healthy habits and apply some tips to your life.

As a student, you might feel you do not have time or the mental space to care for this too. You have to write that research paper and essays or search for examples for them online. But prevention of diseases is essential and here are some tips students can put into practice.

Healthy Food – A Free Essay Example

Eating healthy is a piece of advice that is not new to anyone. As technology has improved, so did the methods of packing and transporting food. But more importantly, the ones growing food. As the population is growing constantly, there is an increased need for food.

Students usually make unhealthy food choices as they do not have enough time to cook for themselves. So, fast food or semi-prepared foods are among the most popular choices. However, the Center for Disease Control advises students to avoid these at all costs. Chips, protein bars, instant foods, donuts, or cookies are among the less healthy food choices.

You can find free examples of studies that show that fruits and vegetables are excellent choices, especially if you buy them from local producers. Finding these local markets in your study city might be challenging and take a lot of your time. So, you can use an essay checker free to identify your mistakes and thus save the time you need to find that local market.


There are many ways how to prevent disease and exercising is one of them. Students often think that you need to pay for a gym subscription to exercise. But there are many ways of exercising and finding the one that suits your lifestyle and schedule is a process.

Students usually live on a budget, so cheap activities are also available, such as gym courses on YouTube. And their effect is the same. Apart from the psychological benefits of exercising such as a boosted mood and less stress, there are also physical ones. You keep fit and active and this helps you prevent disease.


Smoking is one of the habits many people have that puts a toll on their health. The disease can take many forms. Today, it was the global pandemic that forced everyone to wear nose masks. Those who had poor health were more affected by this disease. And this applies to all of them.

Smoking increases the likelihood of developing health conditions, such as cancer, pulmonary disease, stroke, or diabetes. At the same time, it lessens the power of your immune system to protect your body from disease. So, if you are a smoker, consider quitting it to prevent yourself from disease.


The category of harmful habits is the one of drinking alcohol too. College years are full of parties and social gatherings. And alcohol is present in all of them. Even though alcohol can give you courage and makes you feel euphoric, drinking it in high quantities affects your health. If your body is weak, then preventing disease will be tough.

Among alcohol’s effects on health are digestive problems, cancer, liver disease, stroke, or heart disease. It also has negative effects on memory, leading to poor school performance. Both smoking and alcohol weaken your immune system. And to prevent disease you need to protect your body.

Get Enough Sleep

This is one of the things that many students do not pay attention to while in college. And it’s understandable why. When you have so many essays and assignments to complete, when the deadline is tight, pulling an all-nighter seems the right decision.

However, sleep deprivation comes with many negative effects, including the one of weakening your immune system. If you get enough sleep, you will be able to focus your attention easier and be sharp. You boost your creativity and help your brain function properly. Sleep deprivation, on the other side, is associated with heart disease and obesity.

Final Thoughts

The access to information makes anyone more aware of the health dangers out there. Of course, this is also due to the global pandemic that forced the world to take drastic measures to protect people. As a student, you surely have a hectic lifestyle and a crammed-up agenda.

Stress, poor dietary habits, and lack of sleep lead to the development of disease. At the same time, they weaken your immune system, the one that is supposed to protect you from the disease. Make sure you make healthy food choices, quit smoking and alcohol, get enough sleep, and exercise constantly.

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