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How to Increase The Number of Views on YouTube: Simple But Effective Ways

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Do you have your own channel on YouTube, but the number of views of your videos is extremely low? Do you want them to become mega-popular? Then read this article. In it, we have broken down a few simple but effective techniques that will help attract users and significantly increase the number of views on YouTube.

The Impact of Views on Channel Development

YouTube is set up in such a way that the most important aspect that influences the successful promotion of the channel is the viewability of the videos. All videos have a duration – that’s how much time each user spends on the channel when they view content that interests them.

And before determining the position that a certain video will take in the overall list, YouTube analyzes such basic indicators:

  • The number of users who have viewed the video.
  • The total viewing time, that is, the retention time of the audience.

If these indicators are high, the video is guaranteed to be at the top of the best. That’s why it’s so important to try to achieve a high number of views of the published content. But what do you need to do about that?

Ways to Increase Views of Your Video on YouTube

Undoubtedly, gaining the attention of a certain number of users, in the beginning, will help you to regularly post high-quality and relevant content. But if the number of users will not constantly increase and the videos themselves do not become popular, then the development of the channel can be put across. Therefore, to pump up your YouTube channel and promote videos to the highest positions, you should apply some effective techniques.

Decent Video Content

The basic rule is to create excellent, really noteworthy content. Try to make videos more interesting and better than others. This is very fundamental in this business. Yes, there are a lot of dishonest ways to achieve popularity, but you don’t want to go against your conscience, do you? Then there is only one thing left – to create worthwhile, high-quality content.

People should watch your videos with pleasure, and get the benefit or aesthetic pleasure from them. But if it doesn’t matter for you whether your works have some value for users, then you’ll never succeed in this field.

YouTube is a kind of a search engine, only for video content. And what is the main purpose of search engines? To provide Internet users with the most relevant content, i.e. quality content from the search engine point of view. This is the reason why Google recommends making sites valuable to visitors. This principle also applies to YouTube. Study your target audience, find out what is important for them, and create videos that will be interesting for the visitors of your channel.

Creating Themed Playlists

Many people are familiar with this simple technique, but many do not understand its value and use it in practice. First, you need to combine video clips made on a specific topic, in playlists. The order of placement of videos in playlists – from less successful to the best and most popular. As a rule, users view video content in order, so their interest will grow with each new video.

The advantages of such an arrangement of video clips:

  • The number of views will increase not only for the most popular but also for less relevant works;
  • Users will view not just one video, but the entire playlist;
  • Will increase the time of audience retention on your YouTube channel, which is guaranteed to raise the rating.

Using this method to attract viewers, remember that the videos, which are a continuation of the previous material, do not need to do the intro or splash screen again. Go straight to the point, and at the end of the video, leave links to the previous and next videos related to the story.

Working With The Header and Previews

How can you attract a new user who is not familiar with the channel? With an unconventional, intriguing headline and original preview.

When creating them, follow these guidelines:

  • Carefully select the main picture. It should not only be attractive but also reveal the main theme of the video and fully comply with it.
  • Preview and title should be connected with each other by meaning. The title should intrigue, the image supplement it, and demonstrate some important detail, which is fully disclosed only in the video. This is sure to interest the viewer.
  • Be sure to check how the title and preview look on different devices so that on the monitor, tablet, and smartphone they look smoothly.
  • Evaluate the initial results and adjust your work if necessary. You can check the effectiveness of preview and title video content with YouTube Analytics.

Even if users view your videos only because of the interesting presentation, it will help the channel move faster.

Interaction With Other Channels

You don’t want to conflict with other creators by fighting for the same audience. On the contrary, you need to come up with an option for mutually beneficial cooperation. Don’t forget that your main goal on YouTube is to create material of value for users and expand your audience reach. And the chances of achieving this are in no way diminished by the presence of competitors. On the contrary, they can increase through collaboration with other authors. How can this be achieved? For example, create a joint video and promote each other. That way, both of them will benefit.

Ending the Video

At the end of each video, you need to make a reference to the other works and note the importance of watching them. You also need a splash page that links to previous videos or your other YouTube channels. It should encourage the viewer to continue staying on the channel and watching other material you’ve posted. Accordingly, this technique increases audience retention time and views.

Creating Headlines According to SEO

When generating headlines, use keywords and pay attention to queries with long tails. They should have the same foundation with different offshoots. That’s what you need to adjust to, creating a unique extension.

For example, you’ve created a video on a particular topic. Throw in a search engine’s supposed title and look at the list of queries. Then, based on this data, create a relevant and eye-catching title. An analysis of your competitors’ channels can also help with this.

In order for the above techniques to lead to the desired result, we recommend applying them all at the same time, since each of them is important and valuable in its own way. Following our advice, you’ll be able to considerably increase the number of video views, place the video in the first place in the trends and promote your YouTube channel. We sincerely wish you good luck!

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