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How To Embed Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store: Know Its Benefits & Process

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Instagram, in recent years, has risen as a prime customer engagement source for brands & businesses. Feeds generated via Instagram content, help e-commerce brands attract, engage and convert customers through social commerce. Embedding an Instagram feed to a Shopify store provides the same benefit. Still, other benefits come along as a package deal.

This content will shed light on a proper understanding of the Instagram feed, how it serves a business and how one can embed the Instagram feed into his Shopify store.

What is An Instagram Feed?

There is no rocket science involved in understanding an Instagram feed. An Instagram feed is content collected and curated by using Instagram hashtags, handles, tags, etc.

From eCommerce’s point of view, making this feed shoppable and integrating it into shoppers’ buying experiences can prove to be lucrative for brands.

Why is Instagram Feed & Shopify Store A Great Combination?

A 1.386 billion user base is evidence of Instagram’s popularity. There is no denying that Instagram significantly influences people’s shopping decisions.

People love scrolling through Instagram and there is every possibility that an influencer’s post might entice them to buy a pair of shoes, a wristwatch, a hat, or something else. Apart from these social media posts, sponsored ads keep coming up in people’s Instagram feeds about products that they might have searched on a shopping website.

This is the power of the Instagram feed that can help e-commerce stores reach their objectives. And with social commerce alongside, boosting customer engagement and conversion rates becomes much easier.

Embedding an Instagram feed to a Shopify store provides many benefits too, such as high customer engagement & conversion rates, building social proof, creating brand loyalty & advocacy, turning UGC into shoppable content, etc.

Your website, too, benefits from the Instagram feed as it increases website dwell time, engagement rate, and conversions and decreases cart abandonment and bounce rate. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as according to various surveys, over 90% of people depend on the website’s UGC while making purchases.

We have mentioned significant benefits of embedding Instagram feeds to your Shopify store but let’s understand them in detail.

Why Embedding Instagram Feed To Shopify Stores A Must?

Leverage User-Generated Content

Knowingly or unknowingly, people promote brands & businesses on social media platforms such as Instagram in the form of reviews, social media posts, and product images tagging the brand. Such brand advocates create a large volume of user-generated content around several brands.

Instagram is very popular among people when it comes to posting about brands in the form of user-generated content. The enormous user-generated content volume is excellent news for brands who want to showcase their social media presence on their website.

Brands & businesses can leverage such user-generated content on their Shopify or e-commerce websites to attract and convert visitors.

Boosts Website’s Dwell Time

People love spending time scrolling through Instagram posts. When you embed these Instagram posts on your website, then, automatically, your website’s dwell time takes a jump. Watching your products through user-generated content would capture their attention and increase sales.

One can embed tagged feeds, Instagram hashtag feed, mention posts, Instagram Stories, IGTV videos, or Instagram Reels on the Shopify website.

Enhances Website’s Visual Appeal

Without a doubt, a website becomes more appealing with the addition of photos, videos, and visual-based media. However, many would counter that it slows down the website simultaneously. That is a good argument, too.

However, thanks to the plugin, you can add images and videos to your Shopify Instagram feed without worrying about the pace of the website. These tools make the use of Instagram effortless.

It also has no impact on page speed because they stream directly from the source. Additionally, a stunning and vivid website enhances the website’s visual appeal.

Builds Customer Trust

You want your customers to be a part of your business journey and not just one-time buyers. Embedding Instagram feeds on your Shopify store builds customer trust in a short period.

User-generated content is authentic & reliable since it is created by people only instead of hired professionals.

Increases Social Media Presence

A business must have a great social media presence in the era of social media domination. Because consumers frequently form their opinions on a brand’s quality and reputation on how strong their social media presence is. You can give visitors a peek into your social media presence with an Instagram feed on your Shopify store.

It aids in raising your content’s view count. Additionally, individuals can follow you on Instagram, which will inevitably strengthen your website’s social media presence. Further, a more substantial social media presence will assist you in increasing the website’s reach.

How To Convert Instagram Feed Into Shoppable Content?

Hooking customers’ attention to drive sales is the motto of every e-commerce store. A series of social commerce platforms can help these e-commerce stores attract, engage and convert customers by turning user-generated content of social media platforms into shoppable galleries.

Embed these shoppable galleries onto the e-commerce website or brand’s online store to meet your objectives. And not just shoppable UGC galleries, through these social commerce platforms, you can also create social shops, visual shops, product page galleries, shoppable Instagram feeds, Lookbooks, etc.

On the back of these features boosting on-site conversions, enhancing social proof, and improving customer engagement becomes easier for e-commerce. The benefits do not end here, as you discover more of them after using social commerce platforms like Taggshop, social head, etc.

Wrapping Up!

Instagram is people’s fan favorite for posting photos, videos, and reels. The volume of user-generated content on Instagram is huge, and capitalizing it for business purposes could do wonders.

Of course, you must be associated with e-commerce business in some form which is why you have read the blog until here. We mentioned some key points about the importance of Instagram feed, how you can make your user-generated content shoppable, and the benefits you will harness.

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