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How to choose a good Web Hosting platform for our Small Business?

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Web hosting is a place where data of your website is saved so if you are going to purchase a web hosting then it is mandatory for you to know about which is the best web hosting for your small business website so that it may help you to perform better on internet.

Analyze your business

Before buying a web hosting you should analyze your business that which type of business you have and which type of website you want.

Let’s suppose if you are a big blogger and you need a website which can handle lots of traffic then you need a big hosting which may be costly and if you are a running a small business locally and need a small website which is targeting local customers or visitors then you need a small hosting and read about what is web hosting if you want to know in detail.

Types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting in the market but mainly there are three types of web hosting is good for small business websites:

  1. WordPress hosting 
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting

We just wanted to share these three types because if I will tell you more about other web hostings then you will get confused in these terms. And I don’t want you to get confused.

Let’s Discuss one by one about these Web Hostings

WordPress Hosting –

WordPress hosting is made to host just for a single domain website which is built on CMS ( Content Management System ) its name is WordPress there is a lot of CMS but this is the most useable CMS. In this CMS we can only build a website on WordPress, not on any other programming language. It never gives you a Cpanel access it only provides a WordPress dashboard.

So we want to recommend you to buy a WordPress hosting if you are targeting your local customers and you want to build your website only on WordPress CMS. It is not costly because as a small business owner, it may be possible that you do not have so much money to spend at the initial phase so you should buy this and you can start your online presence on search engines.

Shared  Web Hosting –

Shared web hosting is the type, where a hosting provider company gives you a small space in a full web hosting server system and you have to share it with other websites.

It is useful for small business websites at a low budget. I recommend you to buy a shared hosting instead of WordPress hosting because if you want to build your website through PHP ( which is a programming language to build a website) or Java script instead of WordPress then here you need a web hosting which will help you to build your website through this language it will be very helpful to you because they are providing Cpanel in shared web hosting so you can buy a shared hosting. it is not so much costly and it will handle good traffic. It helps you to grow your small business locally or globally.

Dedicated hosting –

in this type of web hosting you can buy a whole web server system. For example, we have CPUs in our systems and we buy it so that we can use anything and everything on our system easily the same as that you can buy a full system where you can host you one, two, three or many domains according to its space.

It may be useful for big businesses or big blogging websites or news websites because they have a big website where lacs of visitors are coming on a daily basis so if you want to host your three or four different websites on a single server then it may be useful for you to buy a Dedicated Web Hosting. But according to me, it is not good for a small business website because it costs more than there revenue.

How to choose a good web hosting company?

There are so much web hosting providers in the market but not everyone is providing good service because I am spending most of my time on the internet to access lots of website due to my Digital Marketing work and I just noticed that many times when I search on google about anything google show lots of results but not every website open fast or if it open then it shows an error which is page never load so this error only occur when a website is not using a good web hosting.

So as a small business owner you should know which web hosting is good for you the business because your website will not load or open properly then it may be possible to lose 15% to 20% of customers.

This loss affects your business or earning so if you don’t want this customer loss then choose it smartly. There are many web hosting companies that I had used for some of my websites like Blue Host, Big rock, Site ground, Hosting mug, Hostgator, etc.

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