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How to Challenge Your Brain to Learn Easily

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Many people wish to learn better, faster and want to retain more information. Everyone wants to achieve all dreams but we all know success is depending on many factors. Those factors are either getting you closer to what you want or increasing the distance between you and your ultimate goals in your life.

Our brains are continuously recording a temporary basis to separate vital information from the mess, and this is exactly what the individual actually doesn’t want. If you want to know all the information, you need to focus on keeping it in your memory. This process is called encoding, printing data into the brain.

However, human denying follows all discipline rules in their life. In reality, the study shows that within just 1 hour, many people will have forgotten about 50% of what they learned. After 24 hours, this number increases to 70 %, and when a week passes without that data being used, up to 90 percent of it could be dropped.

But did you ever notice that, if someone asks for a movie name then easily you can relate hence easily you know the movie name, how? But by use of various techniques of memory, you will be able to grab any information faster and better.

Here we will see, what are those techniques, need to implement in our daily routine

The 50/50 principle

Dedicate 50 % of your time to learning anything new or explaining what you have learned to your friend or anyone. Research shows that explaining a concept to someone else is the ideal way to learn you. The 50/50 rule is a much better way to learn the process, retain, and remember information.

You might even implement the 50/50 principle to individual chapters rather than the entire book. This learning procedure works well. The greatest test of your understanding is the capability to move it to another person.

Repetition is must

A memory phenomenon that clarifies the way our brains learn much better. Every day, try to learn something new information and after some time also trying to recall that information.

The very best way to learn something truly is to teach it not just because explaining it makes it possible to understand it, but also because retrieving it can help you recall.

Information in terms of Images

Another method is to understand the topic via the video presentations works and allow you to visualize the concept. When learning photography, layout, public speaking, negotiation, or use new technologies, watching instructional videos that demonstrate what you’re trying to learn may improve your retention rate.


Sleep after studying is the memory-creation process and sleep before studying reinforces your ability. The results show that a time period is sufficient to help you remember what you’ve discovered. Longer naps are also great for storing new information to our memory.

The more the mind is used, the more robust memory can become. Taking control of data storage will not only help you retain new pieces of information but also reinforce and refine the knowledge you presently have.

Now you go to the gym to train your muscles. So, you also need to work on your memory.

Here is the best way to train your brain-

Be a faster learner in a wide range of unique abilities. No problem for you to get a new language or new management skills.

Just how to train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities?

Sharp memory

The practice of remembering things or events and then discussing them with other people has actually been supported by mind fitness studies. Memory actions that engage all levels of mind operation receiving, remembering and believing help to enhance the function of the brain.

Now, you may not have dancers to fix, but you could be required to give feedback on a demonstration, or friends and family may ask you what fascinating things you saw at the museum. These are fantastic opportunities to train your mind by flexing your own memory muscles.

What’s the easiest way to help you remember exactly?

Do Something Different Repeatedly

By actually doing something new over and over again, your brain needs new pathways that help you do this new thing better and faster. It wasn’t a matter of power. It was a thing of cultivating better and more neural pathways that would enable you to eat by yourself just like an adult does.

With enough repetition, you made that happen!

That’s how small you can start and those neural pathways are still being assembled. Gradually, you’ll transform yourself from a procrastinator into an in-the-moment action taker.

Learn Something New

It might sound difficult, but the longer you use your mind, the better it is going to perform for you.

Follow a Brain Training app

The online world will be able to help you improve your brain function while lazily sitting on your sofa.

Work on your body

Exercise actually helps in the brain and generates new neural connections faster. You will learn quicker, your endurance level will increase also. Focus on brain training workout regime just like Exercise Bliss.

Eat right and must include dark chocolate

Yet, you might not know the importance of dark chocolate that provides your mind a good boost too. When you eat chocolate, your brain produces dopamine. Chocolate contains antioxidants, which also improve your brain functions. So the next time you will feel something difficult, make sure you should eat two dark chocolate.

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Final Thought

A learning system based on repetition, in this long-term memory, could be characterized by two elements- retrieval storage and strength power. Retrieval strength measures how likely you are to recall something right now, or how close it’s to the surface of the mind. Storage strength measures how profoundly the memory is frozen. So this is the concept of how you used these two elements.

Now you know how to train your mind, it’s really time to start doing. Don’t just confuse with all the things, just simply follow the rules and go with your life as nothing has changed. Fix this knowledge into action and become smarter than ever!

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