23.01.2023 11:30

How the Internet of Things can make Your Life Easier

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When you think of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home likely come to mind. Their voice command capabilities allow us to do things like set timers while we’re cooking, listen to music, and get the day’s weather report, all without having to press any buttons or use our hands.

Innovations in IoT are continuing to make smart home devices even more intelligent, but there are many more use cases for IoT that can help to make our lives easier.

The possibilities for connected devices and IoT technology are endless – below are three examples that might surprise you.

Chances are that if you’ve lived in this technology-crazed age long enough you probably aren’t surprised by how efficiently machines communicate to one another. 

At the core of  IoT are mighty sensors that gather data which they further send to the cloud via an intricate network.

Not only is that data collected, but it is also measured, compared and used intelligently by these systems in order to provide you with detailed analyses and accurate forecasts.

This new shift in our lives is called ‘the Internet of things’ and can turn your home from simple to smart in just a few steps. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can implement these technologies around your home:

Control the temperature of your home from far away

A wi-fi programmable thermostat is a gem to have in the quest for lower monthly bills and saving energy. Most of the models available on the market will work with all major HAVC systems.

Such a thermostat comes connected to an app, free of charge in most cases, which will give you info about the temperature humidity and will let you program your HAVC system for each day of the week, allowing you to control how much energy you use even when you are away from home.

Keep safe at all times

From now on, whenever you go on vacation you can rest assured that you have a handle on what’s happening back home. A home security camera system is exactly what you need for a good night’s sleep. 

When the built-in sensors are activated, the system sends you a notification on your smartphone, after which it records a video of the event, to be further sent to the cloud. 

Home security systems nowadays have light, motion, sound and temperature sensors that can detect even the slightest changes.

Don’t be under the weather, be on top of it

Home weather stations are the ideal gadgets if you are a farmer or gardener and have crops to take care of or if you simply live in an area where the weather oscillates wildly. 

These stations can give you a wide array of information, keeping you up to speed with changes in temperature, precipitation, wind speed and barometric pressure. 

Similar to the devices described above, these weather stations are connected to an app which can provide you with data from thousands of other personal stations. 

This way you can share and compare weather information and create your own network of weather aficionados.

These are only a few of the gadgets that basically help streamline your life. Science fiction movies have been brought to life enabling us now to also have remote control over a myriad of items in our home: windows, doorbells, clocks, locks, lights, appliances, anything you can think of and it will only grow in the future. 

We truly are living marvelous times and we need to take advantage of the great perks offered to us by technology. It is even safe to say that we are living its golden age, since it’s not yet overbearing, but present enough in our lives to make things simpler.

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