24.03.2022 13:30

How Technology is Changing the Charity Sector

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Technology is ever-evolving and benefiting us in ways we never knew possible, and this does not exclude the charity sector. Technology allows charities to reach a wider audience and expand their means of fundraising, whilst improving their means of helping those in need.

Raising Awareness

One of the biggest impacts that technology has had on charity is the level of awareness and involvement that the general public has. There have been many fads that circulated across social media such as the No Make-Up-Selfie or the Ice Bucket Challenge. These trends spread awareness of charities to people who otherwise may not have interacted with them and consequently result in more donations.

Furthermore, advancing technology allows us to see people who we are not close to suffering via filming. This is used in multiple charitable campaigns as seeing this increases our awareness and encourages us to donate to those in need who we would otherwise be unfamiliar with.

Additionally, in an evolving paperless society, charities are able to campaign via a screen rather than the distribution of leaflets and posters. Technology allows for greater convenience and fluidity as people can simply pull up a webpage to learn about the charity and eventually donate.

Collecting Money

The notion of giving the spare change that you have to a donation tin is somewhat outdated since cash is not carried as readily. Instead, we keep our money in our bank accounts meaning that we are not as limited to what we can donate.

A lot of charities will now accept donations via card whilst the presence of online donation is more prevalent than ever. This makes the difference between a donation of a few pence and a donation of a few pounds.

Similarly, when paying on card, a lot of franchises will give you the option to round your purchase up to the nearest pound. The difference is then donated to charity, meaning that more people feel compelled to donate.

Treating Diseases

Technology has allowed us to greatly advance in the healthcare industry, meaning that deadly diseases are becoming more and more treatable. A lot of charities aim to raise money and awareness to go towards the treatment of specific diseases; our advancing technology has allowed us to invest the money raised wisely and more effectively treat diseases.

Building Facilities

Many developing countries lack access to clean water and decent toilets; advancing technology has allowed us to improve the facilities for those in poverty. Whether it be new water pumps or toilets with running water, technology assists the creation of a better-quality life for those in need.


Since we now have such easy access to cars, trains, and airplanes, it is much easier to gain access to those in need. Doctors are able to travel to struggling patients and vice versa, whilst charity ambassadors are able to travel to the countries that they are aiding. Technology is a great way to bring people closer together and in its absence, this simply would not be possible.


All in all, it cannot be denied that the advancement in technology has changed the charity sector for the better. Multiple charities worldwide are much more accessible due to this evolvement, consequently making it easier to raise money. Furthermore, experts are more well informed and familiarised with facilities and diseases that we did not fully understand prior to the technological age.

Technology is set to only get more and more intricate and advanced, meaning that its positive impact on the charity sector is only set to grow. Ultimately, technology has made things possible that we could not begin to imagine only a matter of years ago.

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