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How do You Convert Your Mobile Phone Into A Computer?

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You’ve probably ever been in a situation where you have to complete work but are unable to access your computer.

Don’t worry if this situation has ever been a problem for you! Why? The answer, you may wonder, is right in front of you! Your mobile phone can be turned into a computer, allowing you to work anywhere.

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Imagine your documents stored in the cloud. You could then use your smartphone to complete your work. It might be difficult to tap on a small screen so you will need a keyboard or mouse.

It can be connected to the TV in your hotel room, completed work can be done, and you can email it. It is possible to connect your mobile device to the hotel TV and finish your work. Read below how you can turn your mobile device into a computer.

Why would you want to use your phone as a computer?

For all eventualities, it is sensible to keep a portable computer handy. Unfortunately, even ultrabooks are too small to fit in your pocket. Smartphones, on the other hand, can be easily slipped into your pocket.

Your smartphone can be used as an emergency PC replacement. Wireless HDMI makes it possible to overcome the limitations of the small screen. The real magic of this dynamic is the way it presents itself on a desktop user interface.

It will be displayed on compatible TVs so you won’t have to look at the current interface of your phone. Instead, you’ll be looking at the familiar desktop interface.

How do you convert your mobile phone into a computer?

These solutions require a desktop user interface. Android is acceptable. You probably have an operating system on your phone, and the device may support a mouse.

You will need the following to convert your smartphone into a computer:

  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. You can also use a USB keyboard and mouse or a USB-OTG cable.
  • A display that supports wireless HDMI and screen mirroring would be a great help.
  • A dock that supports HDMI or USB is another option.

Samsung Devices come with the Dex Desktop Mode

Samsung customers might have the best choice to convert their phones into a. DeX can be used with the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or Note 8 (as of 2020). DeX is essentially a desktop setting for Android. It can be accessed through the notification tray.

Simply connect your smartphone to an HDMI-ready wireless display and then connect the input devices. DeX allows you to access all standard Android productivity apps from a window.

Samsung DeX is a great way to convert your phone into a computer. Now is the best time to make use of your gadget.

Your Smartphone Can Be Used as a Linux Computer with Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is a smartphone operating system that uses Linux. It is maintained by UBports Team, and compatible with many devices.

Ubuntu Touch is compatible with the following devices:

  • Fairphone 2
  • OnePlus One
  • Villa Phone
  • LG Nexus 5 (2013)

One of the most notable features of Ubuntu Touch’s Convergence System is one. When you connect your phone with an external display, this desktop environment activates.

The user interface of Ubuntu is activated when your phone connects to an external display via wireless HDMI. The operating system also comes with LibreOffice, a number of tools, and utilities.

Turn your Android phone into a PC with Chromecast

Don’t worry if these options seem expensive. There is an easier way. If you have these items, your Android phone can be quickly converted to a computer.

  • A USB-C and Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
  • The Chromecast can be plugged into any mirroring device or TV.

After that, open the document you wish to work on, insert a keyboard, then share it via Chromecast.

How can you turn your smartphone into a computer?

There are many ways to convert your smartphone into a computer. But, this is not the norm. Some people cite the complexity of wireless HDMI while others claim they don’t have a physical keyboard.

However, it is likely that you have a suitable device. Smartphones are not able to do everything, even though they can be used as productivity tools.

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