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Best Secure Smartphones of the year 2022

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Decentralized phones or decentralized secure phone is a shift toward disrupting the phone industry. Will the phone industry survive its spectrum or will it lose a big buck? Know the answer while exploring some best secure smartphones list.

When you heard ‘secured phones’, what smartphones did you think of? iOS devices by Apple… right! But there is one more than a few folks in this world know, i.e. blockchain-based phones.

Say it either decentralized phones or blockchain smartphones come with great security features as it primarily focuses on data protection, personal privacy, and other breaches.

This trail left us to seek the answer of “Will blockchain smartphones disrupt the phone industry?”

Maybe and maybe not!

We mean it is all about innovation, technology, and trends. Currently, people largely use Android-based smartphones and will continue to use them with iOS fans.

At some sort in the global market, blockchain phones are in a peculiar spot. These secure mobile phones are similar to standard phones, just added a boost with a crypto-wallet inside.

Generally, decentralized phones are capable of running blockchain functionality at utmost security followed by modern functions.

And if all of that is doable on a standard phone summoned with important apps, browser and software wallet, buying such a smartphone ideally curated for decentralized and digital experiences makes sense.

We will look into the secure decentralized smartphones of 2022 that do not include any Android and iOS devices so far.

Then what are they?

1. ClearPHONE 620

ClearPHONE is a USA-based privacy-first decentralized smartphones that runs on highly-modified ClearOS capable of running android apps fluently. It falls under the segment of flagship smartphones like Apple and other flagship brands of Android-based. Its 360-degree security control is deemed to offer a striking internet experience by blocking ads, cookies, trackers, behavior profiling, phishing, viruses, spyware, malware, etc. Anyone looking for a security concern smartphone can think of buying ClearPHONE as it is winning in this field.

ClearPHONE has outstanding specifications that make it more competitive in the arena of decentralized smartphones.

Notably, it has ClearOS Mobile, ClearID Security, ClearGM Protection, ClearWEB Browser, ClearCARE Support along with other important highlights that may zenith your digital experiences graciously.

Specifications of ClearPHONE flagship secure smartphone are as follow:

Other than this, ClearPHONE is aimed to deliver a 100% digitized experience to its users. Through its Clear-umbrella services, it is providing digital freedom to most of its users. Digitize your digital life with this truly so-called decentralized secure smartphone.

2. Sirin Solarin

Solarin has procured the title of the most developed secure smartphone. It is the second-best decentralized phone in this glossary. The motivation behind why we are saying this is because it has threat detection highlights which are astonishing and fit for defenseless digital assaults and other robbery taking movements. As it runs on Sirin Labs’ extraordinary Operating System (OS), you’ll get intermittent security patches updates to stay up with the latest security basics.

Sirin Solarin is a safe decentralized mobile phone that has a strong 8-center processor, 24 MP camera, and 2560×1440 resolution aren’t simply its powerful elements. It has interior security that comes in various layers.

3. Silent Circle Blackphone 2

There are various reviews and geeks’ words spotted on the internet since these decentralized smartphones launched in the market. It was launched in March 2015 by Silent Circle is an elegant handset that packs a privacy punch and a whole lot of potential.

The phone accompanies a 5.50-inch touchscreen show offering a goal of 1080×1920 pixels. Silent Circle Blackphone 2 is controlled by a 1.7GHz octa-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. It accompanies 3GB of RAM.

The Silent Circle Blackphone 2 runs Silent OS 1.1 and is controlled by a 3060mAh non-removable battery.

Anyone who wants to serve on the internet without getting harassed by online attackers and any kind of breaches can buy this secure smartphone by Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2.

4. Purism Librem 5

Librem 5 is a security-centered decentralized smartphone that offers security aficionados the valuable chance to assume back command and safeguard private data as a matter of course. A 5.7″ inch IPS show, 4,500mAh battery, 3GB RAM, and 32 GB stockpiling is effective in fluidity, anything you do. Librem 5 is assembled and runs on PureOS, despite Android and iOS being a completely free and open-source working framework.

The important element of this decentralized secure phone is that it accompanies a substitution battery. Liberm 5 is an ideal decentralized cell phone decision for anyone and everyone keens on safeguarding his/her information, discussing secretly with your friends and family, and imperatives to keep security a need.

5. Bittium Tough Mobile 2 C

At last, we have Bittium tough mobile 2 C by flagship company that offer secure smartphones to professionals. This smartphone also concentrates on the decentralized requirements of the users as it is built for professionals with the highest security requirement.

Its comprehensive end-to-end mobile security lets you do anything complex functions without threatening the heart for a second.

It keeps the data secure at all times with multilayered security integrated into hardware and source code. Additionally, the Bittium secure suit which is an in-built feature of this secure smartphone keeps your systems’ functionality and performance efficient and powerful. It is the true winner of the list of best secure smartphones in 2022.


Decentralized phones come with multiple layers of security, isolated chipset and incredible storage facility with strong data encryption and other top-notch secure features, making it, in any case, a better smartphone than standard or even high-end robust smartphones.

As these decentralized phones’ prices are kept similar to flagship oriented smartphones, users can easily think of these secure mobile phones as an alternative per security options.

In this way, the phone industry will have deviated with one more option available to users and that is decentralized phones.

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