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How can Facebook boost your tourism website or brand?

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Facebook has a great impact on tourism brands and websites, due to its enormous popularity. Facebook is a social media platform that was launched for the purpose of communication, therefore it consists of a huge number of users.

Facebook has made communication between people all over the world very simple, this further makes it easy for marketers to reach their target audience.

Facebook being a great hub for people of all ages has made it the most preferred platform for marketing and advertising for the brands. Especially in the case of tourism brands, Facebook has given opportunities to the marketers and the business owners to post stunning Facebook feeds of the restaurants, hotels, mode of transportations lure the Facebook users to make travel decisions.

Therefore, Facebook feeds are a great avenue to gain huge traffic and make your tourism business grow at an incredible rate.

Leverage Facebook for your tourism brand!

Facebook serves as the social media platform to drive traffic towards your website. You can take out unimaginable benefits from Facebook to make your business increase its sales and become popular.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Increase your audience reach

Facebook feeds have the ability to gain users’ attention due to their beautiful and interesting aura. Adding Facebook feeds of beautiful destinations on your tourism websites can double the rate of visitors coming to your website. This number of visitors is unattainable in the real world, therefore it helps your business to grow at an amazing rate and make your brand shine.

  • Analytics to improve your performance

This is the best feature of Facebook, that serves your business profusely. It has the ability to detect the performance of each Facebook post and make your functioning better. You can remove the posts that are not working well and improve the ones that are showing positive responses.

  • Help users in taking decisions and plannings

Showcasing impressive pictures of hotels and destinations helps you in triggering the interests of your visitors and influence them in making their travel decisions.

Not only this, but it also helps them in making a wonderful plan for their vacation, by showing them various reviews and feeds from Facebook.

  • Positive impact of positive reviews

Displaying positive reviews of your customers increases your chance of getting more visitors to your website. This is because people tend to trust peer recommendations over any business endorsement.

  • Cost-effective method of promotion

It is a method of reaching millions of users with a minimal investment of money. This requires no cost of paper, printing, banner, etc.

Impressive feeds of Facebook for Tourism businesses!

  • Videos

Short videos are the most creative manner of promoting your brand. It has the ability to catch users’ attention in a split second. They should contain more interesting and entertaining elements rather than promoting ones.

  • Photos

Photos are the easiest way to gain users’ attention. Posting beautiful and intriguing photos on Facebook can bring huge traffic to your website in a very less amount of time.

  • Texts

Though texts are not much preferable when doing promotions, keeping it short and impressive can do wonders. Using eye-catching lines on Facebook can get the eyes of many users.

  • User-generated content

So far this is the best and most convenient way to do your brand promotions on Facebook.

Posting the Facebook feeds of your customers with you being mentioned or tagged on them has the ability to gain the attention of numerous visitors and make your brand stand out.

Important tips of Facebook for Tourism businesses!

  • Mindful use of sales pitches

You need to be extra careful to not overdo the pitches for sales, as it might make the visitors think that you just care about your sales. You should do this mindfully so as to keep your visitors happy and increase your sales organically.

  • Avoid posting only text feeds

Ony text feeds can sometimes tend to bore your customers, and it increases the chance of your post getting ignored. You must add interesting videos or photos to gain users’ attention that compel them to read your testimonials.

  • Post diverse content

Posting diverse content on your Facebook account can make it very interesting for the visitors and help you in gaining huge traffic to it.

  • Use Call to Action phrases

Using CTA and links for your website can help you immensely in increasing your engagement with visitors and customers. This, therefore, increases your brand awareness, thereby making your business very successful.

Bonus Tip: Embed Facebook feed on Tourism websites!

Ever imagined that you can embed Facebook feeds to tourism website? It can be very advantageous for your business.

Yes, it is possible with Facebook Widget. It is an extremely amazing tool to add Facebook album to your tourism website.

This helps you profusely in getting potential customers for your brand, by providing them with the authenticity of the brand.

Being the owner of the tourism website, It becomes imminent for you to post good pictures of hotels, restaurants, destinations, etc. to impress your visitors. This has a huge potential to affect your business and take it to new heights.

There are amazing social media aggregators present to make your tourism website absolutely amazing and gain a good customer base.


Wasn’t it wonderful?

A small initiative taken by you can take your brand to new heights. Embedding Facebook feeds to your website can show amazing results by attracting a ton of visitors to your website.

This is a spectacular method of showcasing authentic customer content in the form of colourful Facebook feeds and impressing the new visitors to your website. This increases your sales unexpectedly and makes you the king of all tourism websites and brands.

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