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Going Viral With Blog Post Writing

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We live in an era of shareable content. Between social media, email, texting, websites, and all of the other various ways to communicate with one other, there are almost no boundaries as to what type of content can be shared.

This has of course led all sorts of different types of content to “go viral,” meaning that they quickly gained a huge audience in a purely organic fashion. It is a democracy of content, in which only that which the public endorses itself becomes relevant.

In regards to blog post writing, there certainly needs to be a number of factors that have to work in your favor to help you get content to go viral. That being said, there are steps that you can take to encourage that content to get shared by its reader.

The Importance of Getting Your Content to Go Viral

One of the things that makes inbound marketing effective is that you end up spending significantly less per lead. One of the reasons why it is so cost effective is due to the fact that blogs, social media, and other forms of inbound marketing encourages sharing.

With blog post writing, the idea is to have content that encourages your reader to be your advocate and share it with others. This costs you nothing but promotes your brand in a way that is much more likely to bring in quality leads than other, outbound forms of marketing.

This is because whenever someone shares a blog post, they are endorsing it, and the people who they would suggest it to are therefore more likely to read and appreciate it. This means when content does go viral, you can see huge returns with very little effort.

Steps to Take to Help You Get Your Content to Go Viral:

Make sure that you have the option to share posts via social media as well as social bookmarking sites. Each blog post should come with the option of sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. If your reader can’t easily share the content then chances are they won’t.

Ensure that you actually have something to say. This comes down to being original and being informative. You have to offer something that people can’t easily find anywhere else or offer a unique insight. This creates value for your content, which in turn encourages sharing.

Make sure your content is SEO optimized. When your content is designed to attract the attention of search engines, it will find its way to the right readers. Those readers will be more likely to share the content for you.

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