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Facebook Retargeting – 11 Ways SaaS Companies Can Retarget on FaceBook

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Remarketing or retargeting is a powerful marketing technique that allows your SaaS company to reach out to those who have already shown an interest in your brand and help guide them to the next step in the marketing funnel.

When it comes to retargeting for your SaaS company, Facebook can be a valuable tool.

Whether you’re new to Facebook ads or a seasoned pro, you can use the tips below to get more out of your SaaS company’s Facebook retargeting ads: 

Facebook Retargeting Hack#1 – Target landing page visitors.

If you are using PPC ads as part of your marketing campaigns, then you already know that it can often be expensive to get prospects to visit a landing page. Even once they are there, there is no guarantee that they will take the next step to bring them further down the marketing funnel.

Facebook retargeting ads can help you re-engage these landing page visitors and recapture their interest. 

There are a couple of different approaches you might take to retargeting landing page visitors.

The first is to serve them relevant and helpful content that helps move them down the funnel. For instance, based on the landing page that the user has visited, you have an idea of what type of content their interested in. You might target these Facebook users with more valuable content on similar topics. 

Another technique is to take a sales-oriented approach and serve these users with retargeting ads that offer free product trials or encourage them to buy.

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing budget, you need to focus on the landing page visitors that show a high intent to purchase.

You will also want to make sure that you alter the ad content to make it different from the landing page since the user didn’t convert the first time around. Make sure that these remarketing ads have a strong call-to-action that makes it clear what you want the user to do next.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 2- Reach back out to website visitors.

One of the most widely used remarketing audiences on Facebook is also one of the easiest to create. Retargeting all your previous website visitors can help you reach back out to those who have shown an interest in your band by spending some time on your website.

This retargeting tip is especially worthwhile if your SaaS brand is new and has already has some traffic each day. However, if you find yourself with a significant amount of traffic (thousands of daily visits) then you might benefit from segmenting your audience.

When you are creating retargeting ads that will be served to previous site visitors, make sure that your branding is consistent.

If the goal is to increase brand recognition, this can be difficult if you are not using the same colors, imagery, and style in your ads that appears on your site.

People are more likely to click on your ad if the branding is similar and helps them recall their previous experience on your site.

In addition to improving brand recognition, you can also use remarketing ad content to bring previous visitors back to your blog or A/B test different value propositions. These types of retargeting ads can also work well for helping build a more engaged audience.

Your previous site visitors have already shown interest in your brand and taken the time to find out what you’re about. By serving them remarketing ad content on Facebook, you can help to continue nurturing that relationship until they are ready to buy.

Facebook Retargeting Hack#3 – Reach back out to past customers.

One of the most popular uses of remarketing ads is to target past customers. This may be because many companies rely on previous customers for their revenue. In fact, research from Adobe shows that 41% of overall revenue from U.S. companies is based on repeat customers.

Companies that provide SaaS products need to keep customers interested in continuing to use their products to generate consistent revenue. That’s why it may be helpful to reach back out to customers who used to use your SaaS products.

Facebook remarketing ads targeted to previous customers can help remind past users of the brand and what value your SaaS products provide. If you have made significant updates or added helpful new features, you will want to highlight these in your ads to encourage previous users to return.

You may even want to offer discounts to past customers for returning to your site to use your SaaS products again. You can even use retargeting ads to upsell premium features or packages.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 4 – Deliver retargeted ad content to blog readers.

Blog content can go a long way in helping you reach your prospective customers through search engines, paid promotions, and email marketing. If people are reading your blog content, there’s a good chance that they are interested in what you offer and may be a good candidate for your SaaS products.

However, unless your company is working with a rather large marketing budget, you won’t be able to remarket to every person who has visited your blog.

Instead, you will want to narrow down your Facebook remarketing audience to reach those who have the greatest potential of becoming a qualified SaaS lead or customer.

So how do you know who to target? Start with those people who have visited more than one blog article or who have navigated to other pages on your site from a blog article, such as the pricing page or a landing page. By focusing on those who show the most potential to be great customers, your company can increase your Facebook ad campaign ROI.

The best way to reengage these particular visitors is to provide more valuable content in your remarketing ads. Consider segmenting your previous blog visitors based on their specific interests.

Then, you can serve them content like other blog articles, e-books, whitepapers, or videos that contain information on the topics they’ve shown an interest in.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 5 – Reach free trial users.

Free trials are an important part of SaaS marketing. However, not everyone takes the next step to convert after their free trial ends.

There are quite a few ways that you can use Facebook retargeting ads to help encourage free trial users to convert:

  • Use Facebook ads to remind people that their free trial is about to expire.
  • Offer users an extended trial period through Facebook ad offer.
  • Encourage users to take the next step and make a purchase through ad content.
  • Provide a discount for those who convert before their trial expires.

In addition to these techniques, you might use remarketing ad content to deliver more valuable information during the user’s free trial period. For instance, you might offer helpful content that helps users get more out of their free trial.

Your company could also use remarketing ads to deliver case studies and testimonials that help free trial users recognize the value of the product while they are testing it out.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 6 – Reach back out to freemium users

Similar to free trial users, SaaS companies should also use Facebook remarketing to reach back out to freemium users to help convert them to paying customers.

In order to do this, you will need to provide ad content that helps convince free users that the paid version of your SaaS product can provide them with more value than the free version.

One of the best ways to do this is to provide these users with a free trial of the paid version. This allows them to see what they are missing and get hooked on the paid version so that they don’t want to return to their free account.

After you’ve gotten these users to try the paid version, you may want to reach back out with ads offering limited time discounts on the SaaS product.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 7 – Retarget people who download gated content.

Another Facebook retargeting strategy for SaaS brands is to reach back out to those who have downloaded gated content. These people were willing to give your company their contact information in exchange for e-books, webinar content, and other assets. This means that they are further down in the funnel than those who just visited and read the content freely available on your site.


For these users, you can serve them with more sales-oriented ad content and offers as they are more likely to be closer to a purchase.

When creating these types of retargeting ads, you are trying to get your visitors to the next step in the marketing funnel. The offer that you provide should reflect that. Here are some examples of appropriate offers for those who have downloaded gated content:

  • Free trial offer for your SaaS products
  • Limited time discount on your most popular products
  • Discount on all products

Remember to keep branding consistent across these ads. You may also want to invest some time in testing the ads to see what works best in converting.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 8 – Reach out those who install your app.

There are a few different reasons why you might want to remarket to those who have installed your app. First, you can use this content to help people get started using the app and keep them more engaged in their first few weeks. You can also use remarketing ads to drive more sales within your app. 

When creating ad content targeted to app installers, make sure that any links or offers in the ad are compatible with mobile devices. You can also track in-app events to help segment your audience and serve more targeted content.

For instance, if a user takes a certain action in the app, you might then serve that user remarketing content that delivers helpful tips and advice on what they should do next to get the most out of their experience.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 9 – Remarket to those who engage with you on Facebook.

Facebook also allows you to retarget people based on their interactions with the content on your company’s Facebook page. Using Facebook Custom Audiences, you can create an audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook posts, videos, and ads, and then, you can target this audience with remarketing content.

You might use this remarketing technique to reach out to people who often like or comment on your Facebook posts. You can also use it to retarget those who have clicked on your ads but not yet converted or those who have watched a certain percentage of your Facebook video.

These people are actively showing an interest in your brand and may therefore respond well to retargeting ad content.

You will want to make sure that you are retargeting people who have actually engaged with the content and working to move leads to the next stage of the marketing funnel. You should also consider serving these prospects content that is most likely to interest them.

For instance, if you have developed a new e-book on a certain topic, you could retarget those who have liked or commented on similar content on your Facebook page in the past.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 10 – Create action-triggered Facebook ad campaigns.

If your SaaS brand has a mobile app, you can use action-triggered Facebook ad campaigns to enhance your remarketing. Some examples of actions that might trigger a retargeting ad include launching the app, adding payment info, making a purchase, rating the app, or taking another valuable action.

For example, you might deliver valuable content to users who take an important step in the onboarding process of your SaaS product through the app. After they take this step, you might deliver valuable content that helps them better understand how to use and get the most value out of your product.

This could be helpful blog content or even a free webinar that provides more guidance on how to use your product features.

Facebook Retargeting Hack# 11- Try using Facebook’s dynamic product ads.

Facebook’s dynamic product ads take remarketing to a whole new level. You can use these ads to deliver remarketing content that contains the exact same SaaS product that the person has just looked at on your website. This can help remind potential customers of the products they liked on your website.

Consumers tend to take notice of these ads because they have already expressed an interest. In fact, according to eMarketer, 58% of survey participants said that they recognize online ads for products they looked up on other sites.

You can use these dynamic Facebook ads to bring prospects back to your site to convert, whether through a free trial or direct sale.

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