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Landing Page Tips: 3 Reasons Your Conversion Rate Sucks

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A well-executed landing page effectively takes consumers who are interested in your products or services and converts them into leads for your business.

Whether you’re looking to directly drive sales or simply to collect contact information to build out your email list, landing pages are an excellent tool for maximizing your lead generation efforts.

The tricky part of landing page strategy and execution should be determining how to get traffic to your landing page. But if you’re finding that you’re getting ample traffic and fewer conversions than you’d like, there may be a problem with the page itself.

Below, we share three reasons your landing page isn’t converting, including landing page tips to help you resolve them:

Your Call-to-Action (CTA) Doesn’t Stand Out

If your CTA button isn’t easy to find, conversions will be hard to come by. Here’s exactly what you need to do to make your CTA more effective:

  • Choose the color carefully. The color of your CTA button needs to stand out from the background of your landing page. It should be bright and demand attention. Make it impossible to miss.
  • Design your page around the CTA. Everything on your landing page should revolve around the CTA button. Make sure it’s strategically placed so that it’s one of the first page elements your audience looks at.
  • Always stay above the fold. The worst thing you can do is hide your CTA button further down on your landing page. If it’s not on the initial screen that loads, many people will miss it. Make sure everybody can see your CTA without having to scroll or click at all.

Relying on Video Alone

Featuring a video on your landing page is encouraged as a fun way to engage your audience and entice conversions. However, some marketers make the mistake of relying too heavily on the audience to actually watch the video.

It can’t be the only explanatory content on your landing page—you need to cut to the chase with some text, too.

Consider that some of your audience wants to get right down to it and get what you’re offering. They’ll look to skim for basic information and get down to business. If you ask them to commit to watching an entire video, you could lose them.

Your Offer Isn’t Compelling Enough

The more attractive your offer is, the more likely your audience is to give you their valuable information. If your landing page isn’t converting, examine what it is you’re using to entice them. Make sure you’re focused on providing your audience an compelling offer, and that you make its benefits clear.

If you aren’t sure what will drive clicks and conversions from your audience, consider a valuable piece of content such as a case study. Offering a case study is a great landing page tip as many experts believe it is the most effective content format.

What tricks have you used to make sure your landing page gets results? Let us know your landing page tips below!

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