18.01.2024 18:01

Experts estimate that by 2033, robots will do 39% of household chores. Unlikely!

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Within a decade, around 39% of the time spent on housework and caring for loved ones could be automated, experts say.

Experts predicted grocery shopping was likely to see the most automation, while caring for the young or old was the least likely to be impacted by AI.

But predictions that "in the next ten years" robots will free us from domestic chores have a long history and some scepticism may be warranted. In 1966, TV show Tomorrow's World reported on a household robot which could cook dinner, walk the dog, mind the baby, do the shopping, mix a cocktail and many other tasks.

If its creators were only given £1m the device could be working by 1976, ran the news story...

In general, we agree with experts that robots with artificial intelligence and universal robotization will leave hundreds of millions of people without work in 10 years. The middle class will die out because algorithms do 90% of what they do better.

What's the way out? What to do? As usual - look for the right question that will lead to the right answer.

We need to look for a gold mine. A gold mine is not where there is only gold.

A gold mine is a place where there is a HIGH PERCENTAGE OF GOLD IN RELATION TO WASTE ROCK. This doesn't preclude search, it makes search more cost-effective.

An entrepreneur doesn't always have more money than an employee, but a warrior would trade consciousness for stupidity. This is not a battle for money, but for the right to consider yourself a man, for the right to respect yourself.

Especially since the mercenaries are waiting for big problems on the horizon. Many of them do not yet know, but will end their lives under the fence.

Where to become an entrepreneur and find your first clients if you have little experience and only simple skills?

People need to prepare for the fact that their profession will be unclaimed and look for the one that will win the competition.

The problem of the future is not in pandemics and wars for resources, but in the fact that there are fewer and fewer professions where a person will be competitive with technology.

However, no robots and interfaces will be able to make repairs in the apartment or fix furniture in the near future, replace the faucet in the kitchen or eliminate blockages in the pipes of your house, take care of parents or children.

Learn a simple profession and register in services that connect the customer and the contractor.

Online personal services exchanges may well provide jobs for workers (and white-collar workers).

Universal robotization is not far off. Does this mean we will all lose our jobs? Most probably not.

World Economic Forum experts believe that the technological revolution will create 97 million jobs and reduce 85 million. According to them, robots and humans will share the work equally, with machines doing most of the hard work.

We are all led to a new reality without an alternative, whether we like it or not - the old paradigms instantly become obsolete and are cut off from the options for the development of mankind.

We all need to quickly and consciously become smarter and become entrepreneurs. Only the entrepreneur is the master of his own destiny.

Everything that can be digitized will be digitized.

Only entrepreneurs cannot be digitized. Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is the most valuable, or rather priceless product.

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