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Emerging Trends of Content Marketing

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In 2022, content marketing was characterized by swift changes in strategy and agility of the brand. Likewise, in 2023, brands with higher adaptability and agility will likely succeed. Content creates brand awareness, demand, and conversion when its created tactfully.

So how can you create content that’s apt for your brand? Following are the emerging trends in content marketing that can help your brand to grow lucratively in 2023.

Topical Authority will Substitute Keyword Research

How well are you aware of the subjects that you create content about? Google will primarily emphasize the depth of expertise compared to other factors, such as link building. Backlinking was once the primary factor in developing authority in the SEO-verse, but subject expertise is now becoming more important.

Google will not reward your ability to develop content for one keyword like Kayo Sports Outside Australia but instead focuses on how well that content fits into the context of your site, like does your site inform the readers about how to watch other streaming platforms or you have just posted content about Kayo Sports Outside Australia.

The Content must Provide Value

Customers engage with a variety of content daily, meaning they will become particular about where their attention goes. Hopefully, we will experience the end of gated content for everything but the best and most authentic research.

The cycle of giving away emails for half-baked e-books and guides is over. Users will refrain from sharing their personal information in exchange for mediocre and invaluable content, so brands need to provide insightful and value-driven content immediately.

Creating valuable content requires the brands to comprehend the customers’ needs and why they might want to engage with your brand’s content in the first place.

Original and Well-Researched Content will be Popular

The Internet has become a sea of content; it can be difficult for brands to differentiate by producing unique and original content. Blogs with original research and content are likely to get featured on google because of their unique selling proposition and originality.

The field of content marketing is incredibly monopolized by influencers and thought leaders; however, they are exactly unhelpful in determining what works and what doesn’t in the ever-transforming digital landscape of google.

Whereas original research gives you profound information into what industry professionals and startups are doing, whether it is beneficial or deteriorating. As companies are likely to seek ways to help customers, they can reach out to established influencers in the content marketing industry to help create original and well-researched content.

Content must become Engaging and More Interactive

In 2023, the content must grasp the user’s attention. Otherwise, they won’t engage with it, which would not convert the interaction into sales. To convert more, the brands must create interactive content. Users are looking for content that ignites an emotional response, maybe laugh and relish in aha moments when they have successfully found the answer to their query.

Creating engaging and interactive content will become more critical, especially as B2B brands continue to practice the marketing strategies of B2C companies.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your content has a jovial tone, relatable memes, and funny GIFs, and there you have a highly engaged audience.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Content Marketers have been saying for quite some time that robots will be doing more human-centric jobs as technology advances. GPT3 is a content writing software capable of writing decent-quality content.

Though you cannot use the content for high-quality blog posts, SEO spammers will start adopting this AI tool for massively producing content to increase the noise in search engine results pages.

Although, creating high-quality and in-depth content won’t be possible with the current capabilities of AI software. But it is a future that all content marketers should be ready for.

User Experience is Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

When creating content, especially SEO content, many content marketers focus on catering the google’s requirements, but google will be catering much more to its consumers. Rather than optimizing for keywords, google will emphasize user experience to create a more user-friendly and delightful web.

While this will include many constituents such as UX design, site load time, and many more, how the content is delivered to the users will also be critical in ranking.

Content Templates are The Future

Before progressing and performing another task, we humans like to reflect retrospectively on how our competitors have done it before us. D2C brands emphasize using how-to guides and explainer videos for their products. B2B companies use demo templates. Another way is to use template libraries.

Brands capable of creating product-related content templates are likely to have a better presence on google. As a result, the search intent tends to be more relatable and stronger, eventually leading to more traffic to your website and increasing the overall conversion and customer acquisition rates.

The Launch of Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google’s emphasis on user experience will stretch to more than just making alterations to their search algorithm and hoping brands will adapt. Core Web Vitals will have a greater impact on the search results.

Core Web Vitals reports are easily available in Google Search Console and illustrate how your pages perform based on real-world usage data, also known as field data. Brands can use these reports to direct the content marketers on pages that need to be fixed so that they are adequately prepared once the alterations are made.

Google constantly updates its search algorithm, but with these reports, brands have a way of continually monitoring and evaluating what is happening on the pages instead of just relying on the traffic reports or waiting until the traffic has reduced.


Content Marketing is a growing field, and only those who are well-versed in the updates made by google are likely to remain successful because the search algorithm and criteria keep changing. So, there you have it. What other content marketing trends do you think SEO experts will experience in 2023? Comment below.

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