28.03.2023 00:30

Each ANFT Created in The QUASA NFT app. Burns QUA (Quasacoin) Tokens.

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Hello, Friends!

We continue to work on the development of the QUASA ecosystem and have begun to implement the decentralized organization model - DAO QUASA CHAIN.

Today we are announcing two fundamentally new solutions:

  • Each ANFT automatically burns the QUA tokens spent during its creation;
  • The community that joins DAO QUASA CHAIN will be able to receive rewards in the form of QUA tokens that were used to create each ANFT.

The QUASA project decided to introduce a fundamentally new solution to the NFT market in order to increase interest in QUA (Quasacoins) and market participants, and build a working model that is transparent, controlled by members of the organization, without centralization.

Now all QUA tokens used to create ANFT will be automatically burned at the time of its creation.

The decision to burn tokens was implemented for the first time for an NFT-related project. 

On the market, apart from QUASA, there is not a single project that has implemented the burning of its own tokens during each transaction related to the creation of NFTs. 

The QUASA team is at the forefront and proposes a new standard for the NFT industry.

The second stage involves the implementation of a smart contract that works like a DAO. At the same time, part of the QUA tokens will also be burned directly by the users of the QUASA NFT application when creating each ANFT, but organizations included in the QUASA CHAIN DAO will also receive QUA tokens as a reward.

In the QUASA NFT application, you can apply for inclusion in the Quasa Chain DAO.

You can learn more about how to apply, how to run, configure and manage a QUASA node here. (Information will be updated)

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