26.06.2022 14:16

Adding Metadata to Quasa NFT Metaverse is Free!

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Quasa NFT Metaverse

The QUASA team has implemented a very interesting and useful feature.
Now in the QUASA NFT application, anyone can add new data or metadata to their NFT. For example, the owner or value of the NFT has changed, or the creator has made changes to their work of art in the physical world and wants to update the active NFT associated with their work.

You say what's new here?

Today, any platform that works with NFT allows you to add information to the NFT. Real-time smart contracts collect information and write new data to the NFT.
And you will be right, nothing special, except for one important and most important component.
The most important difference from all other platforms is that in the QUASA NFT application, adding metadata is free!

On any other platform, the author, creator, or owner will have to pay to add or change metadata or new information about the NFT.

In the QUASA NFT application, you can add any information for free and open your active NFT via a direct link.
Anyone can find your active NFT on the QUASA blockchain.

The A-NFT Metaverse is a broad concept that describes the superposition of the material and digital sides of our world.
Metaverse is a set of technologies that allows for persistent, digital representations connected to aspects of the real world, like people, places, and things.
The bridging of the physical world to a virtual world will provide several opportunities, potentially unlocking new revenue streams.
Part of the metaverse includes the technologies known as digital twins, in which all of the components of a physical location (or product) are digitized to produce a virtual “twin.” 

Only the transition from static digital collectibles to truly active NFTs will allow blockchain ecosystems and the world to realize the true value of this new unique asset class.

Thank you!