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Do you need a VPN when working with Cryptocurrency?

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Although the market of cryptocurrency is not performing as it used to do almost 2 years ago, it still has great potential in the future. Crypto basically allows you to virtually own a bank. You’re not only responsible for its business, but also its security. In this blog post, we will be discussing a few pain points as to why a VPN can make your transactions entirely secure. 

The underlying technology behind Crypto is blockchain. This technology allows data to be stored on a large number of nodes which in turn makes it really difficult to fake a bitcoin. In theory, hacking into all of the nodes is nearly impossible. 

Despite being virtually untreatable, the dangers of online transactions loom and your hard-earned coins can disappear from your account in a split second if you’re not careful. 

We use VPNs and I’ll tell you why!

The Harsh Truth of Cryptocurrency – Privacy and Security!

Online transactions have always been vulnerable and crypto is no different. Hacking is the root cause of all evils when it comes to online payments.

Hence, a few points to consider as to why VPN is the right choice in securing your wallet:

  • The basic principle of any VPN is to encrypt data which makes it hard to intercept.
  • Save yourselves from Malware, viruses and phishing attacks.
  • A VPN makes you completely anonymous by changing the IP address, meaning your actual location remains the same but your virtual address changes.
  • VPNs offer split-tunneling which can be used to customize which apps gets encrypted to allow for faster browsing experience.
  • Reliable VPNs offer no logs policy, which ensures none of your online activities get logged.

Note – Beware of free VPNs as they are known to sell user data that can compromise your Crypto transactions. 

Which VPN to choose from?

In all honesty, you will find hundreds of VPNs to choose from in the market. However, only a handful of them can be trusted. So, before you purchase any VPN, do a bit of research your self or let us at The VPN Experts help you out. Here’s how you should choose any VPN service:

Your primary concern should be no logs policy and a VPN with a kill switch feature.

The working of a kill switch is to terminate the internet connection without disclosing your IP address. As far as privacy policy is concerned, a VPN provider will not store your online activity thus giving you the internet freedom to access freely. 

The purpose is to save a user from government agencies and online hackers as these guys are highly notorious for their online involvement in users’ data.

Best VPN Services comes with all the bells and whistles that provide top-notch security and do not fall under mass surveillance states such as the British Virgin Islands, Panama and Switzerland. These states are not part of the 14 eye alliance who have an agreement to share users’ data.

All in all, many services would be claiming to be the best but when push comes to shove, they may hand over your data. Lastly, do not consider VPN providers who are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as they are part of 5 eyes alliance.

Reliable VPNs offer no logs policy, which ensures none of your online activities get logged.

Finally, which VPN should you use for Cryptocurrency?

Well, there is no absolute winner in this case. While one VPN might be better in terms of performance, others might offer better security. My recommendation is not only based on research but we have tested each VPN when making online transactions for my Bitcoin.

So, after extensive testing, these are the most secure VPNs for Crypto:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark

All the above-mentioned VPNs have strict no logs policy, kill switch feature, support for multiple devices, military-grade encryption, etc.

How Crypto and Online connectivity will Shape the future?

Since cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain technology, it will impact our future in a very positive way, although it is debatable for now! The decentralization of data makes it very hard for hackers to hack into but it’s not entirely impossible hence use of VPNs can save the day. 

How it is beneficial?

Hackers have only one purpose and that is to steal data and rob you off. A VPN might change this scenario in your favor! Secondly, since the world is moving more and more towards digitization and that is also the future, you can expect more and more cybercrimes.

So keeping your data safe is the only way to go about it. The society as we know is interconnected and an average user spends more than 6 hours online which gives new businesses the opportunity to grow and thrive in the online world.

The only concern which needs to be addressed is that the massive online world comes at a cost and risk which is unimaginable, with these fear factors, one must use all the tools to protect themselves. 


Using a VPN is the most secure and best way for cryptocurrency transactions. With ever-evolving technologies like blockchain that delivers on security and privacy, ubiquitous and decentralized banking is not far away. However the threat of hackers still looms and we cannot take our online privacy for granted, hence we need a solution to minimize its effects because after all, not everyone can keep themselves safe.

What future lies ahead of us, no one knows but evolving with coming challenges should be the right approach.

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