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CarMax – Buying And Selling A Car The Right Way

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Let’s say you need a new car. Well, new to you. So, you start looking at used cars to buy.

But, used car dealers are a little shady and most often that thought is justified. Then you start looking for used-car dealers that are known to your family and friends. And, it becomes a stressful task.

This is why people find the idea of CarMax appealing. CarMax provides a stress-free experience for people looking for a used car. So, to get a better understanding of the car buying process at CarMax, let’s answer some questions you may have.

Does CarMax Buy Cars?

The first question that comes to mind is, does CarMax buy cars? Well, yes they do. You can contact your local CarMax store, and book an appointment. You need to provide a few documents to show that you are the actual owner of the car.

Documents required are:

  • Your car’s payoff information
  • Current valid registration
  • Valid state-issued photo ID of titleholders

The best part of CarMax is that you get the payment the same day you sell your car. With a bank draft in your hand, you walk out immediately with the predetermined amount.

Does CarMax Have Any Loopholes?

Like any other second-hand car dealership, CarMax does have its pros and cons. But, you can be rest assured there is no underhanded dealing going on in these stores.

While CarMax is a bit more expensive than your local dealerships, they are famous for providing the best second-hand cars and customer service. But, with so many stores around the country, there is bound to be variation in conditions of cars available. Again, you can get a Pre-Purchase Inspection or PPI done before you actually buy the car.

So, to answer your question, no there are no loopholes when it comes to buying a car from CarMax.

Does CarMax Offer Online Car Buying Options?

CarMax does offer a part of their buying process online, but not all of it. You can go to their website, and reserve a car you like, or schedule a test drive, or get information about financing, and schedule a trade-in. But, for the rest of the process, you need to actually visit the store.

When Is The Down Payment Due After You Buy A Car?

Just like paying the rent or your credit card bills, the down payment is due when you purchase the car. So, when you check out cars online, make sure you check the down payment cost.

What If You Change Your Mind About The Car?

CarMax offers a 7-day return policy. So, if you’ve changed your mind, or have problems with the car, you can always go back and get a different car or a refund.

So, Should You Choose CarMax?

The decision is yours. You could always go to a second-hand dealership near you. But CarMax does offer added benefits like a 7-day return policy, and easy down payment options.

You can also get your car Pre-checked before you buy it. And yes, CarMax may be a little more expensive than your local Craigslist listings, but there is no loophole or scam when it comes to CarMax. The cars are also in better condition and have passed through CarMax’s standards before they actually sell it to people.

Wrapping Up

When planning to buy a second-hand car, you need to make sure you don’t get scammed. If you are buying from a local store, or a private seller then makes sure you have a person who knows cars with you.

Otherwise, it is better to go with a dealership that has over 20 years of experience, and higher quality checks than others in the market. So, Choose the Best, Choose CarMax.

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