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Business Development: What is The Best Virtual Phone Number for Small Business?

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Finding optimal telephony capabilities for a small business was very problematic not so long ago. Dedicated lines of analog telephone service cost fabulous money, and other options required large investments in equipment.

Today, there is an excellent solution — an SMS virtual phone number, which is the most profitable way to organize communication in the company.

In this article, we will talk about all the advantages of virtual telephony.

What is It?

Virtual numbers are cloud numbers that are not connected to a telephone line but work via the Internet. To connect, you need a certain service and a phone that will be suitable for connecting to this service. The whole connection process takes a few minutes, and takes place online, without going to the communication salon.

Even though virtual numbers are not unique to VoIP, they absolutely benefit from IP connections. Since VoIP does not necessarily rely on the copper lines that make up the PTSN, all VoIP numbers can technically be considered virtual. The largest example of a virtual number service may be Google Voice.

Users can use their Google account to create a virtual phone line and assign a virtual phone number accessible from anywhere in the United States. Then, customers use the website’s softphone to make and receive calls, or can even redirect phone calls to their real cell phones.

Why does My Business Need It?

Now, we are not sure, businesses should only use Google Voice for their telephony needs. But this does not mean that virtual numbers are useless.

At a minimum, you can use virtual numbers for simple cost savings. For example, by being able to use any number from almost anywhere, your company can eliminate the obstacles that are usually associated with long-term remote phone calls.

Contact centers, in particular, will like virtual numbers — agents can use local numbers when calling customers or potential customers for more personalized interaction while working to improve the quality of customer service.

For example, if your company is located in New York City but often serves customers on the West Coast, your company may use providing customers with a local area code number to avoid paying for long-distance calls. In general, virtual numbers help to create a simple and professional experience for customers.

Advantages of Virtual Telephony for Small Businesses

Even if you have only one business phone that receives customer calls, virtual telephony offers significant advantages of using the Internet protocol for communication.

An “attractive” number with the potential of dividing into many channels, a virtual PBX with forwarding functions and other advantages complement the basic benefits:

  • the minimum cost of organizing communication in the office without buying expensive PBX;
  • optimal configuration of the virtual number for your needs;
  • guarantee of round-the-clock access to the telephone line, high-quality communication;
  • optimal tariffs, and no overpayments even with the active use of the system functions.

You may have heard that for large companies, virtual phone numbers make money ridiculous. But cloud telephony services will also be profitable for small businesses. It is enough to pay a symbolic subscription fee and use the connection at a reasonable cost without any restrictions.

Virtual Telephony for Medium-Sized Businesses

The most difficult choice of communication technology is for companies that are actively developing and can constantly hire new employees. Connecting a new telephone communication channel in analog mode costs a lot, but in virtual telephony, this function is free, since it is quite simple to set up a cloud service. The main benefits of such telephony for such companies are as follows:

  • maximum mobility of making all changes to the cloud service;
  • no need to maintain and configure the equipment yourself;
  • convenient statistics services that allow you to monitor every call;
  • corporate communication with numbers in the code you need and with the necessary functions.

It can handle up to a hundred calls at the same time, which significantly expands the telephony functions in your office. Medium-sized businesses need virtual telephony to remove the constraints on development. Telephone communication with convenient features will always be the engine and assistant in the growth of your business.

The Best Service to Choose

To date, the market of services in the field of virtual telephony is striking in its scale. On the Internet, you can find many services with various functions and capabilities for both ordinary users and small and medium-sized businesses.

But how to choose the one? A service that will be acceptable in price and good in functionality. In addition, it is worth considering other features, such as working with any kind of device and uninterrupted operation from anywhere in the world.

While writing this article, we tested several popular services. We compared them by the quality of service, the price of use, functionality, and workability. Of course, almost every one of the analyzed services showed excellent work. However, many were too expensive to use or offered little functionality compared to competitors.

Therefore, our choice fell on the eSIM+ service, which stands out for its functional base and price range for any purpose of use.

eSIM Plus is an absolutely legal and advanced service for obtaining a virtual number and using it both for consumer travel purposes and for business development and communication with customers.

The service works great on a variety of mobile device models, so its popularity is growing every day and become the best virtual number for small businesses.

If you need a reliable, functional, and affordable virtual number, then eSIM+ is exactly the service that will suit you better than others


The very idea of implementing and using virtual numbers is very simple. Nevertheless, the business benefits that appear when using this type of telephony are striking in their number.

Therefore, if you are interested in promoting and expanding your business, then a virtual phone number is something that will help to increase the number of customers and the business as a whole in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency.

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