21.06.2024 11:30

Blogging for Business: How Should Your Blog Be Structured

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Thanks to its numerous benefits, blogging for business has helped companies improve over a consistent period of time.

However, many businesses have gotten onboard with blogging, but haven’t necessarily seen the results that they were expecting. This is often due to the lack of education when it comes to writing blogs for a business.

By keeping in mind these fundamental blog design tips you can take full advantage of your blog:

  • Make sure your blog has an easy and simple user interface for visitors to browse through. It should be very clear as to what journey you’re trying to take your reader through.
  • When creating your blog, make sure you have the ability to use the meta description as the excerpt to be displayed on your Blog Overview page. The meta description can be selective, rather than defaulting to use the first sentence or two from the opening paragraph.
  • To improve the SEO efforts for your site, it’s important to have tags present for the keywords that are relevant in the blog. Using keywords consistently when blogging for business will boost your search engine rankings.
  • Whether it be the main image on the Blog Overview page, or the specific images pertaining to each blog post, not only should the image be relevant, but so should the image title in order to serve for SEO purposes.
  • On every blog page, the reader should have access to more blogs, which can be either the latest posts or top 5 blog posts. Other blogs posts should be displayed on the overall blog page, as well as visible on individual blog pages.
  • To keep your blog away from spam commenting, comments should require approval. By tracking comments, you’re able to ensure quality comments and engage proactively on your blog.

When you’re blogging for business, starting out with the right design can significantly improve the performance of your blog.

Though it’s easy whip up a basic blog, it’s important that you begin with the right design and proper formatting in order for your blog to be successful. This will most definitely help in the long run.

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