14.06.2024 15:30

Why Blogging for Business is More Important Than Ever

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While blogging has been on the rise for the better part of the last decade, some have begun to question its importance these days as social media and social bookmarking have gained prominence.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have repeatedly shown that they are an excellent way to bring in new leads and Pinterest is expanding at an exponential rate, in addition to changing the way we shop online.

As such, good old blogging hasn’t been getting quite as much attention to these other forms of inbound marketing. This is unfortunate, as blogging certainly still matters when it comes to a business’ presence on the internet. The truth is that blogging for business is still the best way to increase SEO and reach out to new leads.

Still Searching

According to Hubspot, at least 61% of the world’s internet population researchs brands online. In fact, there are nearly three million searches being done every minute of every day. 

Search engines are still the preferred way to do research and because information is so plentiful it has become second nature for consumers to “do their homework” before going off to make a purchase. They do this so that they can make informed decisions as to what to buy and where. This means that if our website isn’t featured prominently when someone does a related search, then chances are you won’t get noticed at all.

Blogs and SEO

The main point of blogging for business is to raise SEO. Blogs have a huge impact on SEO and can mean the difference between being on the first page of a search or being on the fifth.

By using relevant keywords and providing a steady stream of quality content, blogs have all the things that search engines like Google likes, meaning that your site will ultimately rise up the rankings and therefore bring more traffic (which of course means more leads).

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