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Best 5 Data Backup Cases

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Technological advancements play a critical role in enhancing data security through viable backup solutions.

Although organizations may use efficient strategies, it is crucial to ensure that disaster recovery is also part of the backup plan. Cyberattacks can occur when you least expect; thus, it is essential to be prepared before you lose your data.

Research reveals that 113 mobile phones get lost every minute globally, which results in data loss, mostly if the users don’t have any backup.

Furthermore, 1 in 10 computers gets virus infections every month, while 29% are accident disasters. With all these vulnerabilities, 30% of users do not have any backup plans.

However, you can prevent such disasters by setting up an efficient backup solution, such as . Whether you have a small business or a personal device, it is imperative to protect your data.

If you are skeptical about the significance of data backup, read on to find out what experts in the industry say concerning data security and ways to counter external threats.

Oussama El-Hilali, the CTO of Arcserve, says that cybercriminals are implementing new strategies to attack organizations.

The criminals use ruthless methods of soliciting payments by publishing sensitive information online when they are not paidthe ransom.

Data insecurity is rampant, and the cybercriminals are targeting remote workers accessing company data online.

Therefore, administrators must deploy centralized management security policies across all the systems working remotely to seal vulnerable access points.

He also emphasizes on the need to strengthen backup solutions by storing data copies in different domains.

Cloud Backup Platform

Yev Pusin, the Strategy Director at Backblaze, stresses on the importance of data backup in 2022.

Now that more people are working at home, malware and virus attacks will keep on rising. One of the most effective ways to enhance data security is to use a reliable cloud backup storage that provides regular independent backups, with complete data history.

Cloud storage is an efficient online backup that ensures swift recovery in case of data loss. He also adds that you need to be checking your backup systems frequently to monitor and identify any warning signs of possible malware attacks or suspicious users.
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Use of AI to Backup Data

The director of Solutions Marketing at Commvault, Nigel Tozer, insists that organizations should incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) backup solutions for efficient backing up and recovery process.

It provides users with instant recovery reports and independent backup features.The expert reveals that the advanced features in AI detect anomalies in the backup systems, which prevent ransomware attacks.

You can also try the conversion tools for virtual machines to boost your business preparedness in case of potential attacks. Furthermore, it also includes an efficient cloud disaster recovery plan.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Technology

Saas is an advanced model software licensing model where you can subscribe to access and use a specific application online without purchasing and installing the program on your PC.

Stephen Manley, the Chief Technologist at Druva, emphasizes the importance of backing up your data, whether for business or personal reasons.

The data landscape is dynamic, and new data protection strategies need to be implemented to sustain modern-day technology.

With SaaS, you can securely use software from the Internet remotely since it also uses cloud technology to help in effective backup solutions.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Another fundamental aspect of data security is an efficient disaster recovery plan, says Amanda Regnerus, the EVP of Product and Services at US Signal.

Since cyber-attacks are inevitable, you need to have a plan in place that ensures quick and efficient retrieval of files in case of any threats. A reliable recovery plan should have constant data protections, and instant recovery points to enable successful data restoration.

Ultimately, each business has different data sizes and backup needs. You need to ensure that you choose a suitable backup plan that has efficient recovery solutions. Data security is paramount in today’s technological world.

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