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Benefits of Having a Website for a Small Business

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Regardless of your business area, there are many benefits of having a website. This may seem obvious, but not every small business has a website. Some opt for social media, although social media and websites are not interchangeable features. Their purposes and functionality, as well as the benefits for you and your customers, are very different.

A website allows you to look professional, provide advanced information about yourself, your team, and products, collect data to learn more about your customers, and build a strong reputation. As an option, you can develop your microsite.

Advantages of a Small Business Website

Developing your online business is no longer just a trend but a necessity. Of course, your work with a website doesn’t end at the development stage, because further, you need to promote your website. Still, the first step — deciding to build a website — is the most important one. For small business owners, here are the main advantages of having a website.

Small budget – big profit

In 2021, the cost of developing a website is not that high, and you can choose among a lot of different website builder platforms to get the price/functionality ratio for your needs. The sooner you create a website, the better because you will be able to present your product or service immediately, even if you don’t make sales.

  1. 28% of small businesses still don’t have a website.
  2. More than 70% of small business websites do not use a call to action (CTA) button.
  3. Only 55% of businesses conduct UX testing.

Data provided by the Leadpages!

Easy online promotion

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The thought that the website needs to be promoted can stop many people. But if you figure that part out, you will know that it doesn’t take much time and money.

SEO promotion is now available to everyone, and this is especially important for small businesses. As the statistics below show, internet users still do online shopping using search engines. So first, learn some SEO tips for eсommerce websites and then make a decision.

The average value of global online shopping orders in 2nd quarter 2020 and 2nd quarter 2021, by traffic source

Think about adding your point to Google Maps if you have a physical representation of your business. People usually trust the reviews and ratings on Google Maps, and it will be very easy for customers to find you.

An increase of brand visibility and recognition

One of the advantages of having a website is the ability to quickly disseminate information about yourself. Word-of-mouth spread is very important for small businesses — people advise products and services to friends, family members, colleagues, and internet followers.

As brand awareness grows, so does the level of customer confidence. After all, when people talk and read about you, it means your products or services have already been tested by other customers. Building trust is an important step in the development of any business. For this, your products or services also need to conform to what is said about them on the site.

Building a loyal community

Clients who return to you and recommend you are a huge plus. One of a website’s benefits is the ability to build a sustainable community. Try collecting data from your customers — their gender, age, emails.
You will be able to learn more about your clients and tailor your business to your target audience. And with the help of emails, you can create email campaigns, remind the customers about yourself, and stay in touch with them.

A professional look

The general picture of you plays a significant role when customers decide whether they trust you. If your team is just yourself, it is best to look like a professional small company. The website is a great help in this: many people perceive the presence of a website as a sign of quality and a serious attitude to work.

Advantages of a website for your customers

A website is convenient not only for you but also for your customers. Think about what your clients want to see on the website. Let’s look at a few website benefits that will make customers’ interaction with your business easier:

  • Online shopping is currently very popular and will not lose its popularity in the coming years. It is a duty and even courtesy to allow your customers to conveniently make purchases via your website.
  • On the website, you can sort your products or services by categories and provide comprehensive useful information that clients can find in a couple of clicks. They go to the website and immediately find what they need.
  • On the website, customers can get to know you and your team. Submit information about yourself, present yourself as people who do their job with love. Customers are more likely to buy from people they know — not from an anonymous page on the internet.

If you have wondered at least once, why do I need a website for my business?», you are on the right path. You can quickly increase your sales, build trust with customers, and take your business to the next level with a website. Even if you decide to create a simple site with a few pages, you will quickly benefit from it.

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