19.01.2024 16:08

Be Like Children: Infobusiness, Influencers

Hello, Friends!

It's perfectly normal to start teaching someone when you're 11, 13, or 15 years old, as long as you have something to say. Nobody claims to be an expert.

Building an expert is not about business, but about the consequence of the "impostor complex". There is a feeling that Z does not have it. And thank God.

Successful influencers earn ten times as much as Harvard professors who write smart books and publish them in 1,000 copies so that someone for Christ's sake will hire them as consultants.

You should not go into science for money and then hope for invitations to teach for the same stupid people after 30 years of a career.

Young guys teach every little thing to everyone who is willing to learn and pay.

There are no bad topics. No marginal topics. Do you want to learn how to make a landing page on Tilda? No problem, we will teach you for $10. Can be found for free, incl. on the Tilda website? No problem. Go for free, there will be no nuances.

Nobody reflects. The concept of infobusiness disappears as something abusive in the generation under 28 years old. Some teach, others study and pay. No problem.

There is no concept of "you will be deceived or not deceived." There is good product and marketing, and there is bad product and marketing.

While 30+ year olds wallow in their limitations, complex, deal with their infantilism, a midlife crisis, young people do just that and achieve results in their 17, 20. Children achieve their goals, but "adults" cannot complete their internal dispute.

The feeling that those under 20 are normal, and most 25+ are closer to idiots. 20-25 - transitional period. A small part breaks through and creates something of its own. Most of the herd is hired.

Children are all pragmatists, maximalists. If there is a benefit, they pay. If not, then they are ignored. They have no question - "How can you not pay?". Children clearly share - when it is impossible to pay, and when it is impossible not to pay.

Kids don't have any mythology about money, business, etc., and they don't get that view from their zombie parents, but in their kid chats on snap, discord, games, social media, etc. in their world.

In their world they are normal, not children, not adults. They are normal and appropriate. But adults in their world are idiots with no future. This world is divided by adults into children and adults.

Children do not do this, they just try and do, and try to make sure that "adults" do not interfere.

When we compare different age groups, we see one serious parameter - "a barrier to countering the start of any business." In children, it is close to 0.

In 99% of adults, this barrier reaches an insurmountable height, so 99% of adults will have nothing. Never.

Only 1% of adults achieve anything. Because these 1% for some reason remain children. No, they are not infantile. On the contrary, they are very pragmatic. As children.

Children know how to refuse better than fearful adults.

Now everyone rushed after Zuck to discuss the metaverse, and no one understands why people will go there. They criticize.

The critics don't get it because they're just hired jerks trying to draw attention to a hot topic. But they themselves have nothing to offer. Not because they are mediocre.

There are no mediocre people in nature. Generally.

Only the fearful exist. Mediocrity - the same talented people, but crushed by fears.

Children will come to the metaverse because:

  1. it's cool and...
  2. because there will be no adults.

And where there is an audience, money can be made out of thin air. Therefore, it is important to be able to form an audience.

Don't be stupid. Just join the chat https://t.me/quasachats and book your seat. Don't consider yourself the smartest in the room. It is not true. Kids don't do that, so they know how to learn. Be like children.

Until we meet again, Friends!