• 08.04.2022 20:30

    Airdrop QUASA in collaboration with KickEX

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    Dear QUASA AIRDROP participants!

    We are pleased to announce to the public that QUASA has officially announced the end of the rewards program.

    Partner Name* - KickEX

    KickEX will distribute assets to the winners.

    Prizes will be awarded to the winners soon! Follow the news of the KickEX exchange.

    QUASA (QUA) Airdrop Program

    Campaign Start Time* Start time of the campaign (UTC timezone) - 2022-03-14
    Campaign End Time* End time of the campaign (UTC timezone) - 2022-04-08
    Asset Platform* Ethereum
    Airdrop asset* Quasacoin (QUA)
    Number of Total Airdrop Tokens* 2,000,000 QUA
    Number of Winners* 1000 

    • 2000 QUA tokens 

    “Make sure that you have a [KickEX account](https://kickex.com/) to receive your rewards.”

    Prize Details: 1,000 random winners who complete all required tasks will each receive 2,000 QUA tokens.