20.09.2023 23:40

AI: What Will This Lead To?

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1. Changing business processes, replacing people with robots within 10-20 years.... There is no need to move production to poor countries, because your robots still work cheaper, which will lead to changes in the supply structure and demand for goods and services, which will lead...

2. Will lead to labor market turmoil, functional unemployment will rise to 90% within 30 years, leading to...

3. Shocks in the field of education, fundamental changes in the institution of marriage and relationships within 15-25 years.... which will lead...

4. To a redistribution of wealth, a change in the social and class composition of society within 20-40 years..., to an aggravation of class conflicts, for which there are no clear solutions in the modern political system, which will lead...

5. Over the course of 20-40 years, the inevitable change in the constitution, political system, as well as systems: public administration, social security, health care, education, law enforcement, will also lead...

6. Within 10-25 years, this will lead to large-scale immigration reform, because in a country where robots work, cheap human labor is not needed, which will lead...

7. Will lead to changes in foreign policy in relation to developed and developing countries within 15-30 years...., i.e. from this point on, the gap will begin to grow, which will increase migration pressure.

What to do?

Master a simple profession in which robots and AI will be uncompetitive for 10-20 years.

Use freelance exchanges and work with several clients at once. Services like Quasa Connect will help you quickly find clients in any field and earn a stable income - despite the development of technology and artificial intelligence.

For example, the most popular profession is “Foreman for an hour” - no one talks about this, because no one needs independent and smart people, they cannot be managed, they do not work for hire and do not give their labor for pennies.

You decide for yourself who and when to work.

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Thank you!