28.04.2022 18:17

Action is The First Criterion of Understanding.

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How many of you are so that, finally, you understand what seems to have known for a long time?

Understanding is always followed by action that brings results. Action is the first criterion of understanding. And if this action also brought some result, then it’s generally super (although this rarely happens).

Our life directly depends on our daily practice, on what we do, where we direct our efforts.

If we don't grow, time is wasted and it's not infinite. Growth means climbing from the bottom up, overcoming obstacles and uncertainties.

Where is the exit? Many people answer this question.

Priests and psychologists urge to run away from suffering and fears, but we are more inclined to listen to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are modern wars. And modern soldiers, alas, are slaves and cannon fodder - and this is a tragedy.

Who do you believe? Entrepreneurs or psychologists?

The beginner makes a lot of movements, overexerts, gets tired quickly, falls, sobs, scolds himself, gathers his strength, breaks down on his knee, and everything ends with a burnout and “Fuck him.”

The average practitioner does rhythmically and calmly. The master tries not to rush. Instead of accelerating, he keeps the rhythm and breath. The emphasis is not on doing 100 things, but on at least one, but carefully.

The secret is to learn to do only one thing in the plan at a time and see it through, and not let the next one start until one thing is completed. At first, we are thrown into fear: “Well, how is it?” This is normal.

To get rid of fear, it is enough to completely immerse yourself in your business, it does not require much effort + eliminate all distractions. Again, cases with high uncertainty should be broken down into smaller steps.

When you master this ritual, you will learn to move confidently, albeit slowly at first, but gradually faster and faster.

Speed is not a consequence of tension, acceleration, but a consequence of skill. Beginners can neither understand nor accept this.

Most do this:

  1. They believe there are secret secrets. Instead of doing and learning, they are looking for secrets.
  2. Instead of recycling tons of crap, they are looking for places where there is no crap, where it is clean and sterile. Spoiler: - where there is no shit, there is no pearl.
  3. Have no experience because they always quit after the first time. No, it's more accurate to say that 90% quit without even trying. They believe that experience can be replaced by learning.
  4. Therefore, there is no money and will not be, because nothing is being done to get money. And if there are no prerequisites, then where will it come from ..?

What's the way out? What to do? As usual - look for the right question that will lead to the right answer.

We need to look for a gold mine. A gold mine is not where there is only gold.

A gold mine is a place where there is a HIGH PERCENTAGE OF GOLD IN RELATION TO WASTE ROCK. This doesn't preclude search, it makes search more cost-effective.

An entrepreneur doesn't always have more money than an employee, but a warrior would trade consciousness for stupidity. This is not a battle for money, but for the right to consider yourself a man, for the right to respect yourself.

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