27.12.2022 23:48

A New Concept in the NFT World - Active NFTs or ANFTs

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Increasingly, there is talk of the tokenization of physical assets such as real estate, art and luxury goods.

The goals are clear:

  • improve asset valuation;
  • to showcase physical assets in web galleries and metaverses;
  • sell physical assets with unique and inextricably linked NFTs on NFT marketplaces.

This is a challenging task that it includes:

  • creation of NFT from a physical asset;
  • recording the metadata, documentation and life cycle of these two twins on the blockchain.

Suppose the administration of the Louvre launches a virtual gallery of its masterpieces and creates the NFT Mona Lisa .

What if a simple visitor takes a picture of it and also makes an NFT? No one can stop him from releasing his NFT, and no one can confirm that an NFT created by the Louvre itself is more valuable. There will only be two NFTs.


This is the main problem: the lack of binding of real objects to their NFT versions, which reduces the value of a virtual asset, depriving it of its identity.

Is it possible to make NFT cards from a collection with a live signature of a football player, while keeping this signature in a virtual version? Is it possible to make your cat's photomeme as an NFT by linking it to your real pet?


Now yes!
In a couple of clicks, using the QUASA NFT application, you can create your own NFT (ANFT) based on a real object.


All contents of the NFT: metadata, information, life cycle and certificates are stored on the blockchain, which prevents unauthorized changes or loss.

QUASA has brought to the market a new concept in the world of NFTs - active NFTs or ANFTs.

ANFTs expand the capabilities of a physical asset and its digital NFT version by inextricably linking them:

Simultaneously with the creation of the ANFT, a certificate is created with metadata containing all the information about the asset/object.

This certificate can be signed by experts or the community, thereby confirming and certifying the ANFT's connection to the real asset.
The ANFT contains the full life cycle of the asset for which it is issued.

All this is done without leaving the application in a couple of clicks.


Extensive opportunities for the development of metauniverses. The uniqueness of an object from the real world now becomes an attribute of its virtual version.

If the author's masterpiece is valuable live, then the certified ANFT signed by him will be valued much higher than any copies.

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