Free Make Your Active NFT (A-NFT)

Free Make Your Active NFT (A-NFT)

Did you know that after creating an active NFT (A-NFT) in the QUASA NFT app, you can share the A-NFT with your friends so they can certify and sign it?

Everything is free! There are no hidden fees or any payments in the QUASA NFT app. You don't even need to connect your crypto wallet!

You will say that there is something wrong here. And you will be right!
Cheese is free?

The fact is that QUASA NFT is completely free for all users, but not free for marketplaces that want to place themselves in the application.

That's why we are head and shoulders above all other projects that will still ask you for money. While the projects themselves may not be asking, you still have to pay transaction costs or network fees.

In QUASA NFT you pay nothing. Once you have created your active NFT, you can share it with your friends, who can also sign your A-NFT for free.

To date, only QUASA NFT offers the incredible opportunity to create your own unique active NFT, certify it on the blockchain and sign it with the community, experts or friends.

In addition to this incredible opportunity, you can securely present your physical asset in the virtual space with your unique Active NFT and verify ownership of your physical asset!

Is it free too?
You already know the answer, yes - it's free, because QUASA is revolutionizing the NFT space and believes that active NFTs (A-NFTs) should be available to everyone.

How is this possible, you ask?
How can a virtual NFT be related to a real physical item? And how is it guaranteed to confirm your ownership?

Let's first open the topic, how is the ownership confirmed?

Great news for NFT creators, authors and owners - now in the QUASA NFT application you can create your own active NFT (A-NFT) and get a QUASA certificate with the "Ownership" mark of your physical item.
You do not need to connect a crypto wallet to receive a QUASA certificate with the “Property rights” mark, we care about your safety. 
Without leaving the QUASA NFT application, you only need to verify your key by signing it through MyCrypto - Ethereum Wallet Manager without importing a private key. 
It is much safer than connecting your crypto wallet and guarantees 100% safety of your data and private keys. 
The intuitive interface of QUASA NFT will allow you to obtain an NFT certificate with a mark of ownership - very simply. 

So, now you know that:  You can get a QUASA Certificate confirming the ownership and existence of your physical asset.

And now we will tell you how to connect a virtual NFT with a real physical object.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.

Decentralized signature of experts or community - confirms:

  • your active NFT;
  • an inextricable link between your active NFT and your physical object;
  • that you own the physical object and that the object exists;
  • all information and metadata that you have added to your active NFT is also authenticated.

You now have a complete understanding of how active NFTs work for physical objects.


  • Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items;
  • Physical assets are easily represented in virtual spaces (metaverses) using unique active NFTs (A-NFTs);
  • Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the A-NFT itself.

But that's not all!

In the QUASA NFT application, any document or photo, video in the blockchain can be certified by the community or experts, even if these digital media are not NFT.
The certification process for users is also very simple and free.

This is another very interesting feature in the QUASA NFT application, for those who are not connected with the NFT world, but want to record information on the blockchain and certify it.
Read about this and much more in our next articles.

Are you still thinking? Quasa NFT App ! Your NFT, Your way!