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Writing a blog for your business can seem like a tedious task, but it may help to think of the times you used to write short stories in elementary school. The secret to creating content for your business is to be a storyteller.

Keeping this mind, you will have content flowing out of your system, and guess what else you’ll have…a compelling corporate blog! Let’s discuss what you should include in the content created:

Employee voices. It may help to include different perspectives and personalities to provide original and different types of content. By including more people to contribute to the blog, you can change the tone around, and have a variety of voices to interact and engage with readers.

In addition, it may be beneficial for each employee to share this content with their own network, and reach a much broader audience than your target audience. You never know, your business may end up with clients or customers you never even expected to encounter.

High quality contentAs much as a blog can be considered a fun distraction from usual work, it’s important to make sure it is relevant to the industry you’re part of. More than that, it needs to be specifically tailored to your business, and be of high quality content to satisfy your readers, as well as search engines.

Interesting content. No matter what your corporate blog is talking about, it needs to contain interesting and compelling content.

Not only are you trying to provide value to the reader, but also engaging with them to make them want to come back for more, or subscribe to your blog.

This is why you should consider resorting to your short-story telling from grade school. Treat each post like an adventure, and talk about certain things going on in your company. By adding personality to your blog, the content will be much easier to write.

Keeping these tips in mind will help a corporate blog gain more readers, as well as bring in traffic from search engines. Your blog will portray personality, and make readers come back for more content.

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