12.06.2024 18:30

Increase Readership of Your Blog with SEO Content Writing Services

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At first it may not make sense why you would hire a content writing service for your blog. You have people in house who can generate content, so why spend the extra money by bringing in someone else?

While this certainly may be the case for you, the main reason to look into content writing services, aside from the convenience, is to give your inbound media an edge. Blogs, social media, and newsletters can all become more competitive and bring in more leads when you have a service create quality content for you.

Here are three ways content writing services give you an edge:

  1. They will research and monitor everything. Much of this research revolves around keywords, which are essential to improving your sites SEO. The service will also keep an eye on what content works and what content doesn’t work and make adjustments accordingly. They will also send you updates as to how potential leads interact with your website and social media channels.
  2. They create quality, SEO optimized content. It cannot be emphasized enough how smart Google’s search engine is, especially with the release of Penguin. Web Crawlers don’t just simply filter out spam; they evaluate the quality of a webpage’s content and rank the pages accordingly. Having a service means that your content will be what Google considers high quality and therefore more visible in web searches.
  3. They will integrate all of your inbound marketing in order to generate more leads. A content writing service thinks in terms of guiding leads to you. It’s all about the next step for the lead.
  4. For example, a lead likes a post on Facebook and follows a link to your blog. They find the blog post informative and are interested in buying one of your products, so they click a link and now they are in your online store. A service creates content that leads the customer using calls to action and well placed links.

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