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8 Mobile App Development Trends to Look for in 2022

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The mobile app development industry has continued to offer a powerful digital solution to businesses across industries.

With more than 5 million apps running on the App Stores, mobile application development has played a crucial role in integrating technology with businesses.

subsequently, now we are surrounded by mobile apps from almost every industry leveraging advanced technologies.

And since, the mobile app development surge is to grow further; so, would the use of modern technologies.

Speaking of which brings us to the technological trends in mobile app development that would the industry in 2022

This article brings you eight leading app development trends that every mobile app development company should look for.

So, let’s head straight to our list.

Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

1. AI and Machine Learning

With features like face, voice, gesture, and image recognition, AI and Machine Learning applications have emerged as one of the top app development trends.

Organizations from different industrial backgrounds are employing AI and ML algorithms to ensure maximum security, offer a user-centric experience, and enhance personalization.

Similarly, in 2022, AI-based predictive and semantic analysis would be further used in improving navigation, speech recognition, and natural language processing (NLP).

Behavior analysis and fraud detection would be other significant areas as prospective applications of AI.

In addition to this, the scope of AI would also expand in the areas of geo detection, modern software development, and high-ended gaming experience.

2. Cloud Apps and IoT

Internet of Things and Cloud computing has been around for years now.

However, as the trend and its application continue to grow, the projected market value of IoT is expected to be beyond 1.1 trillion USD in 2023.

The primary reason for this growing adoption would be enhanced security protocols, that has become a concern for businesses over time.

Offering less management and more responsiveness, cloud applications for businesses, would emerge as the top priority solution for businesses.

Along with secure performance efficiency and increased connections, IoT and Cloud apps also offer reduced operational costs.

Moreover, with businesses opting for global expansion, wide user reach, and remote-based work, cloud applications and IoT offer lucrative solutions.

3. 5G

Internet on mobile apps is where the world runs. And that’s where 5G comes into the picture.

Consecutively, 2022 would continue to experience a surge in the use and publication of 5G technology for great internet speed, massive network capacity, low latency, and more reliability.

Along with that, the technology would also offer a more unified user experience in terms of availability and reach.

Since devices would require more secure, fast, and sound applications, the use of 5G would become the new standard.

Subsequently, it is expected that the market value for 5G technology would go beyond 600 billion USD within a few years.

4. Blockchain App Development

Next up, is the blockchain app development that would pave the way for several industry-based app developments.

Since, data breaching and misuse have become a significant concern for businesses, all around the world, Blockchain development would offer lucrative solutions.

Offering features like decentralized ledgers and advanced security protocols, blockchain app development would offer powerful data encryption and security features.

In addition to this, blockchain technology would also ensure a secure transaction, advanced banking and finance systems, and encrypted exchange of sensitive data.

Among some common industrial applications of blockchain technology, the following would be the leading industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Game development
  • Banking and finance
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Supply chain

Additionally, another noteworthy application of blockchain technology would be the new internet version of web 3.0 – which would leverage decentralized ledgers to offer secure, fast, and efficient online transactions.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Although AR & VR has already marked their significance in the app development market, the trend would continue to emerge in 2022.

It can be a coincidence for somebody to not know about one of the most popular and top-ranked AR games; Pokémon Go.

From gaming, entertainment, and eCommerce to live streaming, travel, and more; several industries would experience a further surge in growth and performance.

More precisely, since AR and VR (also known as mixed reality) are more focused on offering personalization and enhancing user interactivity, the trend has a lucrative market ahead.

Also, with the annual market value of AR & VR being around $12 billion in 2020, the coming years would experience a transformational growth worth $160 billion.

6. Wearables

The next app development trend to experience massive growth in 2022 would be wearable app development.

Over the past several years, wearable technology became increasingly popular for its feature-set, use, and interactivity with different devices.

However, as the trend matured further, wearable technology has now a lucrative market in industries like healthcare, fashion, eCommerce, entertainment, and more.

Devices like fitness trackers, health trackers, smart rings and glasses, biosensors, and more are already creating a wave in the market.

In addition to this, wearable app development in 2022 would offer user-friendly, personalized, and mobile solutions for industry-based applications.

With a projected number of devices of 1.1 billion, wearable technology would definitely offer great convenience and a positive approach.

7. Quantum Computing

Another lucrative app development trend in 2022 would be quantum computing app development to offer speed, agility, and security.

Quantum computing is making a wake in industries like:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Meteorology
  • Fraud detection
  • Cybersecurity

Hence, to say that, this trend has a lot more to offer won’t be wrong

Quantum computing applications, in the coming years, would offer solutions integrated with other technologies like AI and ML, cloud computing, and more.

It is predicted that in 2022 would experience quantum startups would go public to offer their services through traditional public offerings.

Subsequently, the expected annual market value for quantum computing would go beyond $161 million in 2022 and expand up to 1.3 billion USD by 2027.

8. Progressive Web Apps

Filling the existing gap between responsive web pages and most native apps, progressive web apps would become a popular approach for mobile app development.

Also, PWAs are emerging as a profitable approach because of the following benefits;

  • reduced dependency
  • faster load times
  • auto-updates
  • less time to market

Offering user experience and feature sets similar to native apps, progressive web apps would offer reliable experiences with speed.

Also, since PWAs offer greater accessibility without taking up smartphone memory or data, progressive web apps would prove to be a futuristic approach for developing apps that offer more and consume less.

Wrapping Up

With corporate globalization and situation like Covid-19 striking the world in a not-so-prepared manner; let the world come up with a speedy solution.

Mobile app development, henceforth, has helped in bridging the gap while offering convenient solutions and performance optimization for businesses.

The above-mentioned are some of the significant trends that the app development industry would experience in 2022.

While the list mentions some of the leading trends; other technological trends would also revolutionize the industry.

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