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7 Smart And Useful Facebook Marketing Tools To Help Your Business Grow

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Why Facebook Marketing Tools need for business? Zuckerberg found Facebook in 2004 and brought a revolution in the world of social media and marketing. It has managed to stand still even after 17 years of watching many social media platforms rising and collapsing. 

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide, depicting how people love it on such a large scale. As a result, even with many contemporaries like Instagram and Twitter. Facebook has remained marketers’ first choice for social media marketing. 

Facebook is fun, but Facebook marketing can be a little overwhelming due to the ever-rising competition among brands. Are you looking for few ways to improve your Facebook marketing game?

Top 7 Useful Facebook Marketing Tools:

Here are the top 7 useful Facebook marketing tools for you to help your business grow.

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget provides complete solutions to leverage your Facebook feed content beyond the platform across various marketing channels as a Facebook widget; to build brand trust, increase conversions, engage your audience, etc. The Facebook widget is an aggregator tool that collects content like UGC, influencer content, content from your Facebook feed, etc., using your page, handle, albums or tags.

It brings all Facebook posts in one unified place and provides easy moderation to filter out irrelevant or repeated content. In addition, you can customize and re-brand the Facebook widget using various themes, fonts, colors, and templates provided by Taggbox to present the most responsive and engaging visuals to your target audience.

2. MobileMonkey

The best part about Facebook Marketing is that brands get to connect with their target audience directly. There is no customer care or any other third party involved. To take all this to the next level, MobileMonkey provides you with Facebook Messenger marketing to increase user engagement by dealing with potential customers directly without any third party involved.

You can easily create a Messenger subscribers list with MobileMonkey to send broadcast messages, creating many Facebook Messenger campaigns. Not just that, this tool also allows you to respond to the comments on your Facebook posts automatically. Additionally, this tool also supports Facebook Messenger ads and provides chatbot support: A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile applications, or by phone. 

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is the most affordable and user-friendly Facebook publishing tools, as it helps you create, schedule, and publish Facebook posts for all your business pages at once. In addition, they provide you features to optimize your Facebook posts and tell you about the best time for posting to gain maximum audience engagement.

It is a reliable tool and brings consistency to your posting practices. Ensuring that you always remain in your followers’ minds by appearing on their Facebook feed, time to time. They also provide visuals and ideas to make your Facebook posts more engaging and appealing.

4. Post Planner

Post Planner is everything you need if you often struggle with creating and uploading new content. Even if you upload it timely, you are unable to boost user engagement. Post Planner makes things easy for you by giving you new content ideas every day. It provides you with plans, and finally helps you post the content at the right time. So, that it can generate maximum engagement.

You can plan an entire publishing calendar for a month to post on your Facebook page. They also introduce you to the latest trends to give you new ideas and save you from days of brainstorming sessions. This platform has free services, but if you want to try their premium services, they start with 3$ per month.

5. ShortStacks

Brands organize online contests and giveaways to create a social media presence on Facebook and engage the audience. If you wish to conduct one, ShotStacks can be a powerful marketing platform for you. It is an all-in-one platform to build and publish campaigns, generate campaign and email analytics, everything in one place.

Additionally, they bring you live insights on your posts, and like real-time views, shares, dwell time, traffic source, you name it, ShotStacks has it. It is free to use the platform and enables you to build contests, landing pages, interactive quizzes, special offers, custom forms, etc.

6. Canva

Canva is the best tool if you want to woo your Facebook audience using visuals. It has some unique templates and graphics that you can use to create posts for your Facebook feed. In addition, they provide services for all-size content, whether you want a picture for your timeline cover photo, profile picture, Facebook story, etc.

You can start from scratch or choose among the millions of designs provided by Canva to edit your needs. Canva p both paid and unpaid features. You can try both, as this tool is worth trying if you want to amp up your game in visual marketing.

7. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is the perfect tool for you to get a better understanding of your audience and perform better. This tool is well-equipped with AI features, providing thorough analytics for each one of your posts. AThey also give you an analytics report for your performance compared to the competitors. Helping you stand out in the competition.

Not just that, this AI-equipped tool also guides you upon your posting activity, telling you what intrigues your audience and what does not, giving you a better understanding of which post is more suitable for your Facebook promotions. This tool is the perfect solution for you, as it introduces you to the latest trends and content ideas to provide the best to your audience.

Over To You

Lead generation can be a tough job on Facebook. but choosing the right Facebook marketing tools for your business can take you quite ahead. 

Alas! We reach the end of this blog, where we enlisted the seven best Facebook marketing tools that turn your hard work into smart work.

Incorporate these tools in your Facebook marketing strategies and enjoy the ROI that would result in your brand’s ultimate success!

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