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6 Ways HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) Helps You Hack Inbound Marketing

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Are you looking for the right tool to streamline your content marketing efforts? HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) hosts simple-to-use website development and customer management tools, consolidating all of your marketing needs on one platform.

Through HubSpot COS, you can measure campaign performance, test content, and even change a landing page, all in an interface that is accessible on any device. Plus, features like social media integration mean you won’t need to add any code to include all the channels you use.

6 Ways HubSpot Content Optimization System Hacks Your Inbound Marketing

1. Highly Personalized Smart Content

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding ways to tailor website copy and landing pages to each individual user. The more you can personalize web content, the better a chance you have of a conversion.

HubSpot COS allows you to direct content to customers at different stages of the buying lifecycle, and to customize content based on an audience’s industry, job title, or previously expressed interest.

Then, you can quickly design and add landing pages for follow-up campaigns and CTAs, and segment them for different user groups. 

2. Integrated SEO

HubSpot COS offers keyword recommendations right in the platform, so marketers don’t need to look elsewhere to optimize SEO.

Plus, all sites built using COS take advantage of HubSpot’s content delivery network, meaning they are delivered and loaded as fast as possible, boosting SEO in the process.

3. Consolidated Analytics

Using HubSpot COS means being able to track analytics and consolidate them in one place, allowing you to easily update your strategy as needed. It makes this process as efficient as possible by giving marketers suggestions for improvement in areas where their data is weakest.

For example, it will let you know when keywords are no longer effective and will make recommendations for new targets.

4. Mobile Friendly

Many easy-to-build website platforms don’t use responsive design to make mobile-friendly versions of sites, which doesn’t take advantage of the fact that more and more people are accessing the internet on-the-go.

HubSpot COS scales websites to mobile and tablet-friendly sizes automatically, without compromising look or substance.

5. Easy Blogging

HubSpot’s integrated blogging software allows you to create blogs with optimized keywords and layout. You can add recommended CTAs to posts, and easily cross-promote them within your site.

Plus, the COS is integrated with social media networks to share posts automatically, and it helps you track your content’s performance on these platforms.

6. Boosted Security

In the days when even major corporations are sensitive to hacking, added security to your website will help protect you and your customers. The HubSpot Content Optimization System makes sure every site has SSL encryption and the backing of a world-class security team.

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