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6 Ways Contact Center Automation Boosts Customer Experience

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Customer expectations continue to change. In fact, close to 70% of them expect some type of proactive outreach from outbound call centers they buy from.

In order to continue meeting those expectations, it is imperative that you realize what they prefer throughout the entire communication.

You need to be able to access all customer information rapidly so that transactions can be looked up easily and quickly.

Otherwise, you may find that they have to make repeat calls for the same issue!

When automation is integrated, it can solve almost any issue. Automation is the simplest way to give a customer an improved customer experience, retain customers, and prompt important actions automatically. Below, we’ve listed 6 ways contact center automation boosts customer experience.

6 Ways Contact Center Automation Boosts Customer Experience

1. Make Customer Surveys Automated

Having your customer surveys (such as the CSAT and NPS) automated can give you a quick understanding of how the customer feels about the company as a whole.

As one of the more recognized customer satisfaction metrics, NPS asks each user their likelihood of spreading the word about the company or products on a numerical scale.

In order to obtain the highest quality information, automating your company’s engagement will ensure a timely response to the concerns received though the surveys.

When you automate the engagement of the customers you are able to judge the overall experience they’ve had throughout their entire interaction with your business.

2. Link the ticket systems to the CRM

If you are tired of searching for a contact and never seem to get the complete history, then it’s time to link up your ticketing system to the call center CRM.

This way you get a complete view without going through different channels.

When you implement contact center automation you are able to have your ticket system linked to provide a single place to access all information regarding customers as well as when a customer makes contact with you.

The last thing you want to do is ask a customer that has done business with you on many occasions for their basic information as soon as they call.

3. Maintain an automated email system

It is not an easy task to keep up with many accounts and they can often become a burden. It can get even worse if there is no formal way to do it.

This is where automation comes into play to change what goes out while lowering what comes in. Send emails automatically so that workflow can be better controlled.

You can customize it as well by adding links that send customers to different areas of your website so they can get more information on their own.

Having automated emails can also get you recognized more among the many accounts all without lifting a finger to type.
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4. Employ AI and Helpdesks that are automated

When it comes to making things simple, nothing can be better than when the work is being done, but not by you.

By employing Conversational AI into the mix of things you will be able to achieve a huge amount of success by automating the systems in customer service.

By taking the time to understand how a help desk operates, you will see the way they can sort out all of the tickets.

5. Make all customer tickets automated

By making all customer tickets automated you will be able to route them appropriately so they can be handled in a timely manner.

This will come in handy when a customer has an urgent need that requires attention in a timely manner.

Being automated will alleviate a lot of frustration that customers may feel as they wait for help. You can even let customers get off the line and reach out to them later with your auto dialer, leaving them to enjoy their day while you solve their problems!

Along with prioritizing the tickets, a system for levels of priority can also be established so that the amount of time needed is sufficient to rectify the issue.

6. Combine both the employee feedback and survey to find improvement areas

Not only can the customer offer useful information to improve upon, but the employees who work for you can also.

The staff in your customer service dept. are the first point of contact and should have an understanding of the difficulties that a customer experiences and where the issue stems from.

This is where the customer survey has the exact same purpose as an employee survey.

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