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5 Top Projects Built with React Native and Benefits the Technology Provides

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Smartphones are becoming more popular each passing day, and technology has made it easier to use devices like this to get across to other people. Now, businesses can take advantage of this to meet their target audience. One of the ways to do this is through apps on smartphones. As a business, you can hire react native developers to create an app. This app can serve several functions like reaching out to customers and audiences and offering a wide range of services.

React native is one of the most popular favorites amongst coders. Why is this so? It’s so because it is one of the most widely adopted JavaScript Languages. To this end, coders using the React platform will be able to develop apps that can mirror the behaviors of native-made IOS and Android apps. The React platform is interoperable; this makes your work faster and also eases the problem of troubleshooting. If you are looking for this kind of efficiency in coding, we advise you to hire a react native developer.

Some of these react native developers are trained to tackle the exact specifications you want from a particular app. You can hire react native developers per hour or as a full-time developer. They are also available for short-term projects and ongoing assignments. In this post, we will be sharing all the information you need to know on React Native and the benefits one can get from this technology.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework developed to allow coders and developers to build an app using JavaScript language. The apps created using React native will behave like a native app on iOS or Android. React native takes advantage of JavaScript while allowing developers to target iOS and Android simultaneously.

When you hire a react native developer, they can build an app that will behave exactly like a native app while using web technologies that many of these developers are conversant with. A react native developer usually puts more focus and attention on the front end but has a proficient understanding of the API services and infrastructure that the app will integrate with.

5 Top Projects Built With React Native

These projects include:

–       Duck Duck Go

–       NBA App

–       Reactotron

–       Doctor Whp

–       Kitten Tricks

What are the Benefits of React Native?

The platform in its entirety is an advantage to developers. Though, there are many other benefits the technology offers. Here we are going to be discussing some of the benefits of react-native.

Ø Community Support

Being that the technology is an open-source framework. The community of developers will be able to examine all of its documentations and also contribute to it when they want to. Not only this, but you can reach out to fellow developers for assistance or guidance and browse for required information.

Ø Optimal Performance

One of the most catching features of React Native is its effectiveness which lies in optimizing the performance using modules and controls. It works in a manner that interacts with the native components of iOS and Android then generates codes to native APIs.

Ø Code Reusability 

It is the most significant benefit of React Native. All you have to do here is copy most parts of an existing react native code and reuse it instead of creating a new one entirely.

Ø Cost-Effective

A result of code reusability. Since you can reuse a code, it saves the time and cost of creating a new one from scratch.

Ø Simple UI

One of the reasons that led to the creation of the React Native platform is to create apps with a very simple, and easy-to-navigate user interface. The technology offered by React Native allows developers to achieve the desired sequence to create apps. Apps created with React Native are known to have simpler UI and load faster.

Ø Free Access to Ready-Made Solutions

Another benefit that comes from it is an open-source framework. React Native has an inbuilt library with loads of solutions available to developers for free. The solutions offered by React Native don’t just ensure simplicity in building the app but also make sure you are creating bug-free code.

These are just the key benefits of React Native. The technology of this framework comes with a lot of benefits that developers are yet to discover.

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