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5 Tech-Based Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

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Technology exists to help improve the flow of daily life. New devices and gadgets hit the market every month, each with an array of features and benefits. Whether you are a tech lover or looking for a practical tool to make your life easier, you can use devices like a powerful and sleek wireless charger or Bluetooth headphones to simplify your routine.

Explore five tech-based ways to improve your quality of life and make everyday tasks more enjoyable.

  • Device Charging Cables

According to the latest Pew Research study on mobile phone ownership, at least 85 percent of Americans own a smartphone, 77 percent own a laptop and 53 percent own a smart tablet. This number represents more than 280 million individuals. With such a high number of devices in circulation, people use various charging standards and cable types to charge their gadgets.

Although charging cable standards have trended toward standardization, USB-C power delivery is becoming increasingly commonplace. Some manufacturers continue to use proprietary charging cable standards like Apple Lightning. If your household uses both Apple and Android devices, finding and organizing your charging cables and ensuring they are compatible with your device can be frustrating.

One of the best ways to reduce the number of cables and improve your quality of life with your devices is to use a USB-C to Lightning cable. With this cable, you can connect any Apple Lightning device to any USB-C device, letting you benefit from the convenience and ubiquity of USB-C with your Apple iPhone or iPad.

You can also pair this cable with a Power Delivery charger and save up to 45 minutes on your charging time.

  •  Wireless Charging

If you find dealing with charging cables to be an unnecessary hassle, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to do away with them entirely. The modern, tech-based solution to this common issue is the Qi wireless charger. Wireless chargers are a modern-day application of the inductive charging principle, a technological solution to the problem of powering and charging devices with decades of history.

Although the first recorded practical use of inductive charging was completed in 1894 to power tram cars without wires, wired technology prevailed at the time. It wasn’t until the 21st century that the principle was revived, with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) foundation in 2008 and the creation of the first low-power inductive charging methods, capable of powering and recharging devices under 100 watts.

The word Qi (pronounced “chee”) refers to the Qi standard employed by today’s wireless charging pads. The Wireless Power Consortium published the first specifications for the Qi wireless charging standards in 2009, and the first Qi devices hit the market in 2010. The name derives from the traditional Chinese concept of “vital force.”

Today, over 488 device manufacturers, including the world’s topmost smartphone leaders such as Apple, Google, Huawei, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony, have adopted the Qi standard and introduced it in their products.

All Qi-standard and Qi-compatible chargers can wirelessly supply power to any Qi-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or device with a compatible plate like a MagSafe car mount at distances of up to 1.5”.

  •  Fitness and Exercise

One of the fastest ways to improve your quality of life is exercising and increasing your fitness. Besides the proven health benefits, such as increasing your life expectancy and your heart and muscle strength, exercise also benefits mental well-being. It can even help mitigate the effects of depression.

Modern technology has significantly improved the way we can approach fitness. For instance, it’s no longer necessary to head to a traditional gym if you want to listen to your favorite tunes and get the motivation you need for that extra set of reps or running one more mile.

With ultra-light phone armband cases and wireless Bluetooth headsets, you can access your favorite music apps or your device’s local music library when exercising without cables or wires getting in the way.

  • Biometrics

Thanks to numerous advances in biometrics and wearable tech devices, tracking and monitoring your health has never been easier than now. High-precision armband heart-rate monitors (HRMs) offer a wide array of features for the health-conscious tech-lover.

No matter what type of exercise you enjoy the most, monitoring your heart rate with an accurate and reliable HRM has many benefits, the most crucial of which is the ability to accurately measure and assess the level of intensity of your workout.

Knowing how fast your heart is beating is also critical for training safety, letting you know whether your current exercise program is at the correct intensity for your age, needs, and fitness level.

A quality HRM lets you know whether your heart rate is within the AHA-recommended range of beats per minute (BPM): 50 percent to 85 percent of your age group’s safe maximum heart rate. For instance, if you are 30 years old, the AHA estimates your maximum (100 percent) heart rate is 190 BPM, meaning your ideal workout heart rate range (50 percent to 85 percent) is between 95 and 162 BPM.

  • Air Quality

Although thinking about air quality and filtration is often overlooked when looking for quality of life improvements, the air we breathe has a significant effect on health and well-being. If you’re considering ways to improve air quality in your house or car, there is an ideal tech solution: the USB-powered portable HEPA air purifier.

Portable USB-powered air purification devices such as the FrescheAir Pro are the ultimate solution for improving and maintaining air quality in an enclosed space, such as your car, office, or bedroom.

This air purification device is designed to maximize portability and convenience, featuring a compact, cylindrical casing designed to fit in most automotive cup holders. Additional convenient features include touchless fan controls, easy-to-replace HEPA filters, and compatibility with USB power sources.

The 3-stage HEPA filters are designed to eliminate harmful particles, dust, pollen, smoke fumes, food odors, and pet scents with 99.5 percent efficiency.

Like any other USB gadget, portable USB air purifiers can be plugged into virtually any device with compatible ports. For example, you can plug it into your desktop computer, your laptop, your standard USB phone charger, or the provided dual-port USB car charger for use in your vehicle.

Make Your Life Easier with These Devices

Today’s devices and gadgets aren’t just for tech lovers and enthusiasts. They take advantage of the latest advances and technological developments to improve our everyday lives, either by simplifying and streamlining common tasks, helping us focus, or providing us with data and information to make better decisions.

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