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Best 5 Mental Exercises to Improve Emotional Fitness

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In times of crisis, there are those who get overwhelmed with fear and who rise to the occasion. They know that they have a mindset not only to endure but to thrive in the midst of chaos. They understand that what they do right now is going to determine what kind of life they will have now.

What sets these individuals apart from the vast majority? It is not necessarily money or past success. There are many people who have money but are living in fear. And there are those who thought they had their business, and are now forced to reinforce themselves because everything has changed.

Those who thrive in chaos have the ability to remain calm under great pressure and focus on what challenge they have to overcome. They have the ability to change their perception when reality changes. They do not try to argue with reality by thinking that things will not be a certain way.

They have what we call emotional fitness.

Emotional fitness is not the same as emotional intelligence. Although the two are related, emotional intelligence is the capacity for empathy. When the ground falls beneath you, emotional fitness is the ability to think on your feet.

You know the advantages of workout. You are able to do all of the research you need about the ideal period times or the very best yoga trousers, but all that means nothing if you don’t get at the gym and perform the job till you begin sweating.

The identical issue is true for psychological fitness. You can read all you need about how to remain calm under stress, but the only way to really boost your psychological fitness would be always to perform the necessary inner work to boost your capacity.

Here are five ways entrepreneurs can improve their emotional fitness.

1. Check-in with yourself multiple times a day

Your response to whatever stimulation is facing you will be to a certain degree. When you see the craziness about the information, you get nervous. Those ideas and feelings will come to you until your logical brain has an opportunity to maintain.

At least 2 or three times every day, have a moment to check on your own and determine what it is you’re focusing on. Stick to that attention and see exactly what the feelings are bringing up. Have you been stressed out as you are focused on the negative things which are occurring, or are you really excited about the opportunities which are ahead of you?

Many individuals don’t understand, but our thoughts focuses on all of the negative things which are happening due to the survival instinct. When you are on autopilot, it is simple for these negative emotions to overpower everything else.

However, by intentionally bringing consciousness to your ideas and feelings, you may create a conscious choice to change your attention and disrupt the routine of being on autopilot. By checking in with yourself several times daily, you give your self the information to comprehend why you believe how that you do and where your focus is through the day.

2. Accept feelings and thoughts

The moment you accept your feelings and thoughts, it is the moment that you can become aware of the trigger that causes that thought or feeling. As I said earlier, our subconscious mind is constantly focused on negative thoughts and feelings, especially in the daytime.

If you do not accept those feelings, then you are going to fight a tough battle all day. Your brain is going to release the stress hormone cortisol because your brain behaves as if you are fighting an enemy, and your body expands on fighting energy.

Studies show that just accepting negative thoughts, and realizing that it is normal for your brain to be in a reactive mode, gives you the power to make conscious decisions to shift and focus on opportunities rather than problems.

Be more aware of them rather than trying to fix them. Your feelings are not something you have to “fix”. The trigger that made you feel like this is the thing to fix, not the feeling.

3. Do not make your feelings “wrong”

Your feelings are a response to your perception of your current reality. If you make them wrong, then you believe that your current situation is not happening to you.

When you start arguing with reality and want to blame something or someone. We have the illusion that we should not feel a certain way, or that we are weak by accepting what we feel.

By assuming that you are not your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are open to learning from them rather than getting feedback and reacting to them.

4. Feel your emotions fully

We’re always judging ourselves and we do not give ourselves permission to feel our feelings fully. Like the sense of relief which occasionally mixes in with depression. Our feelings can bring guilt out and pity since we believe we should not feel a specific way.

The shame and guilt are that prevent us from expanding our ability. The feelings are there since the causes are there, and you can not only stop that circuit. Instead, you need to fill out the circuit and sense the feelings fully.

The minute we give ourselves permission to feel the emotion, so that is the minute that you’re bringing light to the darkness. The anxiety and doubt that have our energy will start to drop power. We’re bringing light to the shadow and realizing we were afraid of the dark compared to what it had been hiding.

5. Win the battle in your mind before becoming real

Most of our fears and stresses are caused by what we think. Most of the time, fear is not real and remains only in our mind. Worst-case thoughts are all set in the future and driven by some pain from the past.

The feeling of being stuck between an irrevocable past and an undefined future snatches our certainty. It is helplessness that enhances all other emotions. But the secret weapon is that you can win those battles in the same place: your brain.


This moment, once the worst-case scenario really occurred in actuality, it had been painful, but that I had been comfortable with all the pain in a way few individuals ever become. Since we managed to fight the struggle in my head many times I had the psychological fitness to remain calm in the center of insanity.

You must do exactly the identical thing. Fight the monsters where they reside, which is on your thoughts. If you slay the beasts within your head, you realize they are there to make you more powerful. So once you confront them in actual life, you understand precisely what to do to conquer them.

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