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5 Main Advantages of Node.js for Startups

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Now many people have started to wonder what are the benefits of Node.js and how it can help in the creation of startups. The question is very relevant because now more and more Node js development services are used for various projects. No wonder, since it is one of the most popular technologies in the world.

If you use these technologies, you can consider that you have a lot of opportunities in front of you. Every technology has its benefits, but what makes Node.js so special? That’s the question we explored in this article. We’ll also look at the advantages that we think help Node.js dominate the startup world. Let’s also find out why it’s so popular with developers. Well, let’s get to the bottom of this interesting question.

Basic Concepts

A little discussion of the basic principles of this technology will give newcomers a better understanding of this issue. Node.js is a software platform that makes JavaScript a general-purpose language. It is also called the JS execution environment. It knows how to link to external libraries, call commands from code, and act as a web server. To put it simply, it adds a backend to a fully frontend-oriented language, making it possible to create not only websites but full-fledged applications, without a browser.

Like JavaScript, Node runs in V8. It’s a runtime environment that translates what the web developer has written into machine code – a set of direct instructions for the computer that don’t require interpretation. This makes low-level code fast and machine-recognizable. Now let’s look at the main advantages that make this technology one of the best.

Non-Blocking IO Model

The most significant advantage of Node.js is the non-blocking IO model. This system is event-driven and works asynchronously, queuing by priority. When hundreds of users simultaneously connect to the server, it is easier to handle the load because there is no need to create a separate thread for each connection. Proper resource allocation helps to handle more connections.

JavaScript-Based Technology

Using Node.js as a backend, in addition to the variety of tools and cross-platform, you automatically get the benefits of full-featured JavaScript development such as:

  • optimal application speed
  • built-in library
  • continuous development of the ecosystem

This approach helps a lot to speed up the development process, as well as make it more convenient. This way you can get reliable software fairly quickly. In addition, do not forget about the engine V8, which saves memory and is also well optimized.


If you need a better solution for microservices architecture, Node.js is your choice. It’s great for easy maintenance thanks to its remote service. It allows you to add new services or fix existing ones without affecting other parts of your application. This technology is ideal for designing microservice architectures using Node modules, which are the building blocks of NodeJS functions.

NPM support

We should also not forget such a wonderful thing as the node package manager, which plays a role in the development of JavaScript. It is no secret that almost all modern web applications consist of npm modules. This directly shows its importance and popularity among developers.

In addition, when working on a project it helps to avoid writing the same components, and thus saves development time of finished applications at times.


One very important, but sometimes underestimated advantage for newcomers, is caching. It’s no secret that caching services are important for the overall performance of a future product. When a request is sent, the server-side application executes all the code and retrieves information from the database. Using caching, the server-side application returns the information from memory instead of having to execute code to process subsequent requests.


We hope that after reading this article, you have realized that this technology will help you take all your work to the next level. In addition to the benefits, we have shown you that Node.js has many other nice perks. So we can conclude that this technology plays a very important role in any programmer’s stack. Now you understand why Node.js has become so popular and has such great support from the developer community.

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