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5 Fresh Content Ideas that Work on Winter Holidays

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Families are coming togetherSince we’re in the thick of winter, you need to find content ideas that work for this season.

Families are coming together in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. During winter, families celebrate endings and beginnings, and your content curation should encompass both.

Even though you’re running a business, you need to show that you’re in the Christmas spirit. Use your words to express love and warmth. To make your brand relatable, you should show you’re willing to let your guard down for the festive seasons.

This is the time when you should roll out campaigns and promotions which benefit both the business and your customers. The period between November and January is usually the busiest because people are buying gifts and decorations for their homes. This is the time households purchase house appliances and other supplies because people want to start the year on a good note.

As a business, you need to show that you’re willing to help your customers transition smoothly into the New Year. If you sell research papers, give students discounts as a show of appreciation since they’ve been buying from you all year round.

Here are five fresh content ideas you should implement.

1. Say Thank You

Say Thank YouThis never grows old because your customers need to be appreciated for their loyalty. They could have chosen to transact with many other businesses throughout the year, but they decided to stick with you.

Even though they remained loyal because you delivered high-quality products and services, you need to show gratitude.

This is where your email marketing comes in handy. Make sure you personalize each email so that your customers open them.

Instead of referring to them as a customer, include their name so that they know the email was specially designed for them. Since people receive so many emails each day, personalizing your emails increases the open rates.

You can use this opportunity to inform your loyal customers of the products you have on offer. As you include the call-to-action, ensure you place it where it’s easily visible.

2. Create a Gift Gallery

Create a Gift GalleryIf there is something everyone is buying this season, it is gifted. Even if they’re not buying yet, they’re browsing through options, so they make an informed decision.

As a sign of appreciation, you should create a gift gallery for your customers. Even though it might seem like gifts are obvious, this will come as huge assistance.

Sometimes, all a person needs is to be pointed in the right direction.

You can use social media platforms to showcase your gift gallery because many customers follow you on these platforms. Suitable social media platforms include Pinterest, Instagram, and of course, Facebook. Many people go to their social media pages to see what people are buying for their loved ones.

3. Have a Promotion Campaign

start campaign - 5 Fresh Content Ideas that Work on Winter HolidaysThe festive season is an excellent time to roll out a promotion campaign. Whether you’re clearing stock or just promoting customers because of how loyal they’ve been throughout the year, make sure you take your time to plan the promotion campaign.

One thing you need to bear in mind is your business needs to make a profit even when there is a promotion. To achieve this, you need to set a time limit for the campaign. You will hardly make a profit if you’re giving away products for free for two to three months straight.

Take, for instance, the Black Friday frenzy. Even though people get good deals, businesses get profit too because it only lasts for one month. You can also choose to have Black Friday offers since it’s a trend that has been taken up by so many businesses across the globe.

Another thing you should put into consideration is how much cheaper you’re willing to sell your products. You need to find a balance so that your deals don’t look too good to be true. Reasonable discounts not only keep your business afloat, but they also encourage customers to make purchases while the promotion lasts.

4. Start a Photo Content on Social Media

Hashtag 1 - 5 Fresh Content Ideas that Work on Winter Holidays

This is purely to connect more with your customers. Since you have a community of followers on different social media platforms, a photo contest will do well. This is an excellent content idea because user-generated content always comes in handy in broadening your reach.

Find a suitable hashtag to go with and make efforts to ensure the photo contest trends. This is an excellent time for photo content because almost everyone is with family.

Choose random photos from the contest and gift them to encourage other people to participate.

5. Link-Back to the Year’s Top Articles

Top article - 5 Fresh Content Ideas that Work on Winter HolidaysInternal links are an excellent way of reviving articles. You get to offer customers value without having to work as hard to create impressive content.

Go through your posts and find articles that could do well in this winter season.

Consider targeting articles that help your customers to navigate through the festive season smoothly.

It could be a guideline on purchasing house supplies or how to deal with leftover food during family gatherings. People are bound to read such insightful articles, and you get to generate more traffic for your website. What’s more, customers will spend more time on your website.


Finding suitable content ideas for this winter season ensures that you retain all your loyal customers. Ensure you publish posts that will make your customers’ transition into the New Year smooth and seamless.

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