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5 Benefits of SMS Marketing that You Should Take Advantage

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SMS marketing is a hidden gem in the advertising world. It sounds fancy and perhaps even mysterious.

And yes, it is a vital part of getting your business name out there to the market. Remember, most people use SMS every single day.

The short message service (SMS) is just another word for texting. And texting plays a vital role in marketing just like brochures and social media. Even better, SMS makes a greater choice for any business that aspires to attract more customers.

When sending messages to your customers, make use of a virtual mobile number to customize your communication. In this way, customers will recognize your brand name and logo. All this contributes to more trust from your clients which is a plus for your enterprise. Here are the primary benefits of SMS marketing that you should take advantage of.

5 Benefits of SMS Marketing That You Should Take Advantage

1. Higher Open Rate

Do you know that 98percent of texts are opened up by recipients after receiving them? With this, SMS gets the highest opening rate than all other advertising methods.

For instance, when using emails to advertise, it’s much easier for these emails to get lost in the spam folder. The customer may also discard a flyer they get from that email. But with the popularity of texting, an SMS is rarely ignored. In most cases, the target audience will open and read your message.

2. It’s a Direct and Immediate Channel

SMS is among the most immediate available channels. As we’ve seen, the channel has an open rate of 98 percent. But that’s not all, the SMS campaign generates a successful return on investment, going above 50 percent when combined with other popular marketing channels like social media and email marketing.

3. Saves on Cost

Sending an SMS to your customer doesn’t cost much. The same happens even when sending a message to several people. The cost is way cheaper when compared to other marketing options like buying Facebook and Instagram ads.

Therefore, SMS is the best option for all businesses.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Presenting your business as mobile-friendly is very important these days. That’s because people are using mobile devices to browse and do shopping. Do you want to lose on this kind of exposure? Of course, not.

Using SMS marketing presents a bigger opportunity to make your firm mobile-friendly. It is also a great asset to your mobile marketing strategy.

5. Integrate to Your Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing has a great potential to integrate into any of your marketing campaigns. It’s a fact that social media and traditional media aren’t the most effective channels to reach your audience on time. So, why not integrate SMS marketing with these marketing methods to ensure that the message gets to the customers.


SMS marketing offers great potential for the growth and success of any business. With such a high open-rate, 98 percent of all recipients will open the message on time and get your message. But that’s not all, you’ll achieve this with a very lean budget.

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