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10 Reasons You Should Switch from Windows to Linux Right Now

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It’s not new that many Windows OS users can accept the limitations of the OS. Windows is not an ideal operating system.

It has many shortcomings that make using it frustrating. There are many other operating systems that you can choose from, thanks to the competition. Linux operating system is a good example.

Linux operating system has many more features than Windows. This article will provide a detailed list of reasons why you should switch to Linux from Windows.

Reasons You Should Switch from Windows to Linux

1. Linux is free

The Windows operating system can be used free of charge by users who bought their desktops or laptops with Windows OS installed.

You will need to pay an activation code if you want to install Windows OS on a computer without Windows OS installed. The Linux operating system can be used without any cost, unlike windows.

The Windows app store has many paid apps. These include the Microsoft Office Suite. Linux offers thousands upon thousands of free apps.

You don’t have to pay for MS Office. Libreoffice is a core app that can be used to create word documents.
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2. Linux is flexible

Although Windows is an excellent operating system for customization over MacOS, Linux allows you to customize more.

The Windows operating system only allows you to change themes and wallpapers. However, the Linux operating systems offer much more. Linux offers many customization options for your desktop.

There are many customization options available, including GNOME desktop and KDE. This allows for unlimited customization.

3. Linux is Secure

You think MacOS is the safest operating system? You might be wrong. Linux is safer to use than Windows. Linux is much safer than Windows and MacOS.

Many professionals have adopted Linux as their operating system, and for good reason. Linux offers high security and fidelity.

The Linux Operating System is used by many tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Youtube and Youtube.

4. Linux is reliable

Windows users are familiar with the problem of occasional crashes of apps. This can lead to temporary OS disabling. Linux, however, offers a completely different system. Linux crashes are very rare.

Although you may experience app crashes it doesn’t cause the whole operating system to crash like Windows. Linux users can close infected apps via the command line using a virtual machine. This will give you back control of your desktop.

5. Linux is user-friendly

No more is the time when installing Linux operating systems was difficult. The whole process has become very simple thanks to technological advances and innovation. It is no longer necessary to be afraid of installing Linux. No professional training is required.

6. Linux can be used with older hardware

Linux supports a wide range of hardware. This is in contrast to operating systems such as Windows and macOS, which encourage you to buy new hardware to take advantage of all the new features.

Linux offers a wide range of Linux distributions that are optimized to work on older hardware. Linux includes distributions like Peppermint OS and Lubuntu as well as Linux Lite and Bohdi Linux that are specifically designed to work on older hardware.

7. Linux Upgrades are Easy

Although upgrading sounds fun, it is not for Windows users. Windows users have become frustrated with the way upgrades are done over time. Windows requires that you reboot your computer in order for the upgrades to take effect.

Linux OS doesn’t require that you reboot your computer after an app is updated. This is unlike Windows OS. Only after an app has been upgraded, is it necessary to reboot the machine?

8. Linux Support is easy to find

Linux offers a lot of support features, which is one of the many perks of using it. Linux offers many online forums, groups, and mailing lists that can help users solve their problems. Users don’t have to pay anything extra to solve their problems.

9. Linux comes with drivers

The constant search for drivers is one of the biggest challenges when using Windows operating systems. The Windows operating system does not come with drivers. You will need to download them separately.

Linux has built-in drivers. This is a big advantage over Windows. The Linux kernel supports most of the drivers that you’ll need.

10. It’s easy to use

Linux is an extremely powerful operating system. Many people believe that it is difficult to use, but it is actually very simple. Linux has gone from being complex to very simple. Linux is now an easy operating system.

Here’s a complete list of reasons to move from Windows to Linux. We are convinced that Linux is more powerful than Windows. You are welcome to contribute any other ideas in the comments section below.

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