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10 Easy Social Media Strategies To Keep Your Brand’s Feed Interesting

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What is the most challenging aspect of conducting any type of social media campaign? Inventing fresh concepts.

Marketers must handle several social profiles and keep them fresh with new content. It’s difficult. Your fans are constantly on the lookout for new material, and you’re expected to provide it on a frequent basis.

However, if you continuously recycle the same posts, your social media feeds begin to seem like Groundhog Day.

That is precisely why companies must have a variety of social media ideas on hand. We’ve compiled a list of 10 social media ideas for companies large and small. Each of these sorts of postings is acceptable for people wishing to keep their social media feeds fresh.

10 Easy Social Media Strategies To Keep Your Brand’s Feed Interesting

1. Begin By Establishing A Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Series.

Want to make your social media feed feel more like a series of events rather than a collection of random posts?

Create a series in which you may communicate with your fans and followers on a regular basis. By consistently delivering relevant material, you may instil in your audience a desire to see particular content from your business.

This consistent timetable establishes expectations for our community and provides a relevant, beneficial method to bookend the work week with Sprout. Additionally, it provides us with a framework to follow, which includes curating samples from other firms, making it pretty simple to build.

2. Host a contest or giveaway

People are incapable of resisting the allure of “free.” Conducting an occasional contest is one of the most effective social media ideas for increasing prospective follower involvement.

According to a study, 91 percent of Instagram posts with more than 2,000 likes or comments are tied to a contest. Meanwhile, accounts that participate in competitions on a regular basis expand at a rate of 70% quicker than those that do not.

A third-party solution or service is not required to set up a contest. All that is required is a mixture of the following:

  • Something To Distribute

Ideally, the reward for your contest should be connected to your business in some way (maybe a free product or a membership). Large-ticket, irrelevant things are more likely to attract freebie seekers who will not convert to long-term followers.

  • Terms and Condition

To protect oneself legally, your contest must include terms and conditions. This template from Shortstack might assist you in determining just what you want. Additionally, these criteria will help to establish your content as authentic and not a possible hoax.

  • A Contact Point

Make sure to provide an email address on your terms and conditions page so that consumers can contact you with queries or complaints.

  • A Creative Method Of Entry

Whether through user-generated content or a hashtag, the easiest method to promote entries is to invite fans to post about your business. After all, the aim of a giveaway is to raise brand recognition, not to distribute free merchandise.

Hashtags are by and away the simplest way to keep track of who joined your free giveaway. You do not have to run competitions on a weekly basis to gain the benefits.

Contests are an excellent method to increase your follower base and engagement, and they’re an excellent social media concept for enhancing promotions such as new product releases.

3. Organise An AMA

A popular feature on Reddit, an AMA series is an excellent way to educate and engage your fans. AMAs are simply question-and-answer sessions in which you may share your expertise, experiences, and insights.

If you’ve surmounted obstacles or amassed influence in your sector, you’re likely qualified to conduct an AMA. From sharing success stories to discussing personal struggles, these sessions can be extremely engaging for both audiences and marketers.

However, why bother holding an AMA? What is the purpose? Consider the following ways in which an AMA checks the above boxes for brands:

  • You get to showcase your personal side, revealing the face behind your business’s curtain.
  • You increase brand awareness without being pushy or salesy.
  • You gain a better understanding of your audience’s issues and interests.

If you have a large staff, you might urge each employee to perform an AMA over time to provide a more comprehensive view of your brand.

4. Initiate A Takeover Of Social Media

Occasionally, in order to breathe fresh life into your social media accounts, you must relinquish control.

Takeovers give someone else control of your social media accounts, often for a period of 24 hours. Transferring your social media presence to an influencer or celebrity with a sizable, engaged audience is an excellent approach to expose your business to new audiences and infuse a fresh voice into your account if you’re running out of social media post ideas.

Additionally, you may let another member of your organization take over your account in order to inject some flavor into your feed.

Consider potential acquisition targets among company partners and industry contacts. Because the objective of a takeover is to get exposure, it’s best to find someone whose demographic is similar to your own.

5. Share, Pin, Retweet, And Regram

Allow your fans and following to speak for themselves. Bear in mind that not all of the information on your social media feed has to be original to you. Indeed, popular thinking dictates that this should not be the case.

Promoting other related businesses, articles, and photographs from your followers is an excellent content idea that demonstrates that you are a participant in, not a parrot, of your industry’s discussion.

6. Create Video Segments That Are Bite-Sized

For modern companies, video content marketing has become a must-do. Unfortunately, many people believe that investing in the video is too complex or out of reach.

However, when you consider how much more video material is shared than video or text, organizations should seriously explore unique social media concepts that combine video.

That is why bite-sized video segments continue to be an excellent choice for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These videos require little editing, can be shot in seconds, and are ideal for sharing.

Avoid producing lengthy commercials and instead focus on short, unique pieces to keep your following interested.

7. Content Repurposing

Consider the amount of preparation, work, and time required to generate any piece of content. Doesn’t it make sense to cram as much information as possible into each blog post or video you create?

For each blog post or video, you create, identify extra ways to promote it on social media outside of its initial format. For instance, you may use Canva to repurpose a quotation from your article into a shareable graphic.

Consider what would happen if you repurposed every blog article or video you released. You’d likely have a sizable backlog of shareable information, correct?

Not only can repurposing your content breathe fresh life into old or otherwise forgotten postings, but it also prevents your readers from becoming tired with the same message given over.

8. Collaborate With Another Brand

Co-marketing is a win-win situation for both parties. Two businesses collaborate on a campaign or piece of content, such as a webinar, an ebook, or a limited-time offer. Each firm gains exposure to the audience of the other.

Because it’s so simple to coordinate your efforts, social media is the ideal medium for co-marketing campaign ideas. Consider partnering with businesses that are not rivals but share a similar target demographic.

9. Create How-To Guides And Tutorials

Your blog postings are not the sole source of information for your readers. While publications are an excellent tool for breaking down step-by-step instructions, social media platforms may be as helpful.

When considering lesson topics, limit yourself to concepts that you can convey in less than a minute.

10. Do Live

Simply said, there is something alluring about live video. Indeed, consumers spend three times as much time viewing Facebook Live videos than they do watch pre-recorded broadcasts.

Whether you’re vlogging from your car or hosting a Q&A session, replying to individuals in real-time fosters a more intimate relationship with your audience.


If you’re bored of publishing the same content over and over, why not try some of these social media ideas? Brands should never be compelled to provide only one form of content. With so many alternatives, your social feed should never become routine.
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