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Your Digital Jack of All Trades: 6 Things You Can Do with Your PDF File

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There are things that you will be surprised by the range of activities and options that they can do. PDF files are one of those things. On a surface, it would look just like a file that you will use in reading documents. It even has very few options, save for options that will make your reading experience better. We are living today in a fast-paced world where everything changes. With this said, we, as people who try to make the economy and society run, we need to keep up with the changing times by maximizing the best options that we have. PDF files might seem too fixed for you, but they can actually do a lot of things! Here are the examples:

1.      You can merge your PDF files

Do you not feel how bothersome it is to keep on exiting your reader to open another PDF file when you should have just kept on scrolling to get to the next point? If that has been the “annoying itch” that you have but do not really complain about, this one might be for you. For one, you can actually merge your PDF files so that you are saved from the bother of skipping from one PDF file to another. Files sent to you or files that you see online are not always organized the way you want it to. With PDF merge sites like PDFBear, this can be possible and easy.

2.      You can convert word files to PDF

Maybe this has been the most obvious feature of all. Usually, adding the final touch to your article or word document would also mean having a copy of your work in a PDF file. This is because of the ability of PDF files to keep your information secure both from accidental edits and alterations and also from malicious elements. Converting word documents to PDF files can be as easy as 1-2-3. On your word document, you can click Save As, and save your file to PDF. If you are a bit busy and would want to multitask, trusted sites are also available.

3.      You can convert EPUBS, Mobis, and other e-book formats to PDF

E-book file formats can be fitricky. Most of these files are only compatible with a handful of devices. This is why people still prefer PDF files over e-book files. PDF files still hold a great deal of universality that you can access such files with most, if not all devices—even with some outdated smartphones out there. This universality has always been the reason readers would still prefer PDF files. Upon getting their e-book files, they now convert it to PDF with their trusted apps.

4.      You can rotate PDF file pages

If you think PDF files are all fixed files, that might be where you are wrong. There are software programs that can help you edit and rotate the orientation of your PDF files. It really is annoying to read files that have an incorrect orientation. These pages really look over the place and make you turn your device upside down just to read it! You can now read your PDF files smoothly because you can still make an edit and rotate it to the position that you need it to be in.

5.      You can add a password to your PDF file

Most of us prefer PDF files because it is secure and because it maintains the integrity of your content. You would be more delighted to know that you can add passwords and other restrictions for your PDF file. Now that most of the processes are done online, you need to be extra safe when uploading your files. There might be a lot of malicious elements that can use your data against you. With this condition, it is quite great to know that on top of that inability to edit files, PDF can be more secured with your content as you add passwords. You can also create restrictions for your PDF file.

6.      Convert your captured notes to PDF

When attending classes or when in a meeting, we sometimes just take a picture of our notes because of our fast-paced lifestyle. Reviewing those notes through your phone gallery can be quite a handful. You can add comments or apply highlights. The solution to this is converting your notes in jpeg format to PDF.

Choose reliable sites

Now that you know some tips and tricks to maximize the use of your PDF file, you can just look up online sites or install software programs to help you do these. Online sites are by far the most convenient. However, you must check its reviews and qualities to ensure that your data is safe with their help, especially today when there are lots of malicious elements online.

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