18.09.2023 15:30

Why There Is A Need For ERP Aviation Solutions

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The global aviation and aviation maintenance industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today, we live in a strategic era where the norms of everyday operations are being changed rapidly. The world has become a much smaller place with thousands of advanced jet planes, helicopters, and other aircraft taking to the skies and connecting cities and countries seamlessly. As we know, keeping the aircraft flying is a lot tougher than it may appear to normal people. Unlike surface vehicles, you can’t just turn on the ignition and fly an aircraft away. There are tons of mandatory as well as routine checks, maintenance activities, and procedures that need to be carried out for each flying machine. Aviation maintenance companies have conventionally carried out the operations manually, or with legacy technology. However, now as digitization is growing, and making the processes faster as well as more economical is becoming a sign of leadership, aviation MRO companies are relying on advanced cloud-based ERP aviation solutions.

The leading international software companies offer ERP aviation products that come integrated with AI, data analytics, and IoT options to ensure that the service quality is not compromised even when processes are made faster and automated. Whether it is a large passenger jet, a luxury private jet, a cargo plane, or a fighter aircraft, cloud-based software is being used to take care of all machines.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that make world-class ERP aviation software, an essential need for modern aviation MRO companies:

Single Platform Operations

The right ERP aviation solution would come across as a single platform for all the needs. It will offer multi-tenant capability, real-time analytics, and would be usable across devices such as desktop computers or mobile phones with minimal programming courtesy of integrated AI.

Planning and Optimization

One of the biggest challenges of aviation maintenance is to determine crew suitability for different projects. This is where the automation and power of analytics offered by cloud software would ensure that you are able to assign the right people at the right time for the right job. You would be able to seamlessly plan & schedule your Line, Base, & Shop MRO activities and resources

Paperless Operations

The power of the cloud enables anytime, anywhere operations on the go. It will also digitize the documentation and checklists to eliminate the error-prone paperwork. It also makes the processes more environment friendly

Less Time Spent In Maintenance

Speed is of the essence in modern aviation maintenance. That’s where advanced aircraft tracking software helps in integrated and faster management of end-to-end maintenance needs. Beginning from planning the maintenance activities to carrying outline, hangar, shop, and engine maintenance activities, with the reliability of engineering and seamless management of technical records, a world-class aircraft tracking software can help perform all the tasks. Further, it also improves efficiencies in human resource management, purchasing, inventory management, warranty, maintenance management, financials, etc.

In fact, an ideal ERP aviation software would not only help reduce the turn-around time or increase the accuracy and efficiency of the services but also enable the aviation maintenance companies to save significant costs and make processes safer and automated. For instance, there will be millions of dollars saved on warranty management, reduction of data corruption, nearly 6% reduction in carrying cost, and 10% reduction in revenue leakages. The software would enable nearly 80% automation of non-critical activity, and that would reduce the maintenance TAT by several hours.

All these and many more benefits necessitate that any aviation MRO company that wishes to grow its business, uses a world-class cloud ERP aviation solution!

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