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Why Do You Need to Stay from Free VPN in 2022

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With the rising global geo-restriction and online content monitoring, the demand for VPN has been increasing subsequently. A virtual private network is a tool that allows you to perform internet activities anonymously by encrypting your traffic and altering the IP address.

The provision of online privacy and bypassing online geo-restriction are a couple of primary functions that every VPN is supposed to perform. But what if a VPN fails to perform its primary function will it be of any use? That’s the case with many free VPN providers.

If you are considering a free VPN then read the following threats and reconsider your decision.

Why Do You Need to Stay from Free VPN in 2022

Weak Encryption

VPN’s primary purpose is to encrypt user’s data to provide online privacy and unblock the geo-restricted content. When users connect to the VPN server, the traffic is forwarded from that particular server thus hiding the user’s real location and identity. However, free VPN has few and weak servers that start leaking your real IP address which is called data leak.

Since the servers are few and the user base is extensive, the geo-restricted websites can easily detect the VPN provider and do not allow access to its content. For example, if you try accessing a different Netflix content library for free you will get Netflix proxy error code m7111 5059 and will not be able to watch anything.

The few and weak servers are of no use that neither provides any privacy nor IP alteration to bypass geo-blocked firewalls.

Annoying Advertisements

Free VPN seems too good to be true that allows its users to use its service without paying anything. Every company has to generate revenue through any medium and many free VPN providers use the advertisement as their revenue model. It should not sound so shocking as many websites use this method to generate revenue but it is different in the case of VPN.

Most of the time when you see ads it is usually relevant due to the cookies stored in your device that track your activities. However, free VPN providers use third-party advertisers that do not know about your preference and show the most irrelevant ads in short time intervals.

Moreover, advertisement is the only source of generating revenue that makes VPN free to pop up advertisements on every new web page to make you click on these as much as possible. These advertisements slow down the page loading speed and completely ruin your online activity especially when you are streaming.

Data Theft

Anyone involved in cybersecurity knows how free VPNs are harvesting their user’s data and selling it to the highest bidder. If you take some time and check the privacy policy of some free VPN providers you will find a similar pattern, they would ask about using your personal information in exchange for a free VPN service.

You might be wondering why anybody would want your data but your data is pure gold for advertisers who want to know about your preference, interest, and history to show you relevant advertisements. However, the data could land in the wrong hand and become a victim of identity theft.

The infamous Hola VPN case of selling user’s data is still refreshing in the memories. Some cybersecurity experts discovered that Hola VPN is using the user’s connection to increase their own bandwidth and offering portals to other users. It means that your IP address is exposed and anyone can use it to perform any illegal that could be traced back to you.

Besides Hola, many free VPN providers have been doing the same thing and neglecting the primary purpose of a VPN that is providing online privacy protection.

If that does not stop you from using the free then nothing will.

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